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10 Fun Facts About Banana Slugs

Prepare to feel a little queasy next time you see a banana. As if slugs weren’t shudder-inducing already, there is a slug that actually resembles a banana. Seriously.

Despite its unappetizing exterior, the banana slug is actually an amazing little creature. Usually found in forested areas of the pacific coast, the banana slug is a integral part of the ecosystem in which it lives. Banana slugs are avid recyclers, chomping on materials that are found on the forest floor- leaves, dead plants, mushrooms, animal poop- and leaves behind the digested remains as a nutrient-rich soil called humus. SCIENCE!

Let’s learn some more fun facts about banana slugs, eh?

  1. Like other land slugs, banana slugs are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female genitalia. Post-coitus, one banana slug will chew the penis off of the other, rendering them unable to mate again.
  2. Banana slugs have a coating of mucus over their bodies which tastes horrible to predators. To counteract this, raccoons will roll the banana slug in soil to create a panko crust of debris. Bon appetit!
  3. The banana slug is the second largest slug in the world, measuring up to 9.8 inches in length. For perspective, an average-sized banana is 7 to 8 inches.
  4. Two sets of feelers adorn the banana slug’s head: one set can sense light and motion, the other senses chemicals and smells.
  5. If a banana slug loses a feeler, a fresh new one will grow in its place.
  6. The color of a banana slug can change depending on its diet, light exposure, and the amount of moisture in their environment. The colors range from yellow, to yellow with black spots (like a ripe banana!), and more rarely- green and white.
  7. When banana slugs mate, they form their squishy bodies into the shape of a heart.
  8. The banana slug is the unofficial mascot of the University of California-Santa Cruz.
  9. If a banana slug wants to get down from a tree, it suspends itself from a thin string of its mucus to slowly descend from a branch, like a slimy lethargic spider.
  10. A banana slug’s penis length can be as long as their body. In fact, their Latin name is dolichophallus, which means ‘giant penis’. Remember Fun Fact #3? That’s a well-endowed little gastropod.

And on that note, thanks for joining us for our fun facts about banana slugs!

Enjoy this video about the bizarre mollusk, the banana slug. How can you resist a video that starts with:

“Boy do I have a slimy treat for you today?”

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