What Is Monkey Pickles?

Monkey Pickles: funny random thoughts or actions to share. or some people would call them bananas.

If you enjoy being a goofball like we do and not take things to serious than you’ve come to right place. We share random funny thoughts, jokes, and moments. Nothing is better in life than a good laugh with good people. How many times have you been just doing something through the day and something funny just pops in your head? exactly that Monkey Pickles… Enjoy each others humor and wit…. spread smiles, and laughter through a common bond of being goofballs !!!

We don’t get caught up in all the hype of controversial topics like politics, religion, or race. If you would like to discuss those bad enough about who, what, when, and where then there are several other places to go..

Monkey Pickles started from constanlty saying it the end of 08′. In Jan 09′ started thinking about a fun hobby to start learning would be web design stuff so at that moment the light bulb went off and they were combined, and the rest has been a blast. Monkey Pickles has brought people together, turned several frowns upside down and generally been a positve fun community. So there you have it !!!


  1. how many sentences can you think of that contain an action, which is the same word as the object your using to do that action? For example:

    you FLOSS with FLOSS.
    you GARDEN a GARDEN.
    you BRUSH using a BRUSH.
    you HOE your HOE.

    try it… it's fun!

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