So I was outside of a bar smoking a cigarette…


And I see this man walking an alligator on a leash and harness. As he approaches the bar to enter, the bouncer stops him and says “Hey man, are you serious? You can’t bring that gator in here.”

The man replies, “Come on he’s on a leash and he is very well trained. I just want to grab one drink and I’ll be on my way.”

The bouncer says, “Sorry man, I can’t let you in.”

The man insists and says “I’ll show you a trick and if you’re impressed you have to let us in.” At this point there’s a crowd forming in the street, itching to see what this guy will do next, so the bouncer agrees.

The man removes the harness from the gator and pulls his pants down. He proceeds to open the gators mouth and stick his dick inside it’s mouth. He shut the gators mouth and hit it on the head 5 times with a stick. The gator opened his mouth and the man removed his penis, which was completely unharmed.

Everyone in awe, the man exclaimed “would anyone else like to try?”

An old lady in the back of the crowd then responded “I will if you don’t hit me on the head with that fucking stick.”

(Here’s where we found this funny joke.)