A Young Salesman Applies For A Job – Funny Joke of the Day

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Funny Joke of the Day

A young salesman applies for a job in a big store. The manager asks him about his credentials, and the young man answers: “I can sell everything.”

Encouraged by the young man’s confidence, the manager offers him the job, and he starts right away. A week later, they review his performance.

“How many customers have you served?”

“One, sir”, the young salesman responds.

“One”, the manager retorts, obviously displeased. “And how much did that sale make us?”

“153,690 dollars, sir”

“What?! How for God’s sake did you manage to do that?!”

“Well, I sold a customer a fishing hook, and then a fishing line, and a fishing pole, and an additional extendable fishing pole made out of steel, and a cooler, and a fishing boat, and finally, an offroad jeep with a trailer.”

“So let me get this right: You sold that man a fishing line, two fishing poles, a cooler, a fishing boat and an offroad jeep with a trailer all while he just wanted to buy a fishing hook?!”

“Almost. Originally, the man just wanted to buy a box of tampons, so I said to him ‘well, if you don’t see any action this weekend anyway, you might just as well go fishing.’ ”

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