What Will An Apple Watch Taste Like? Honey Crisp Or Fiji?

Apple Wrist Watch - Apples Taste Like

It’s no surprise that watches have generally fallen out of favor over the years for smartphones and other tiny mobile devices. That’s why the Apple Watch and its arrival in 2015 is quite interesting, because it implores consumers to once again strap a device on their wrists.

What the Apple Watch might taste like may be surprised.

One of the most basic and amusing facets of the Apple Watch is its ability to tell time. Just like anyone would expect of a good watch, this one does display the time down to the millisecond. Forgetful types will be happy to know that the Apple Watch can also remind users of events that they have planned, displaying said event in large text at the bottom of the watch so that it’s impossible to skip out on that business lunch with the boss or drinks with that old, old friend from high school who flew in for the week. In those cases, maybe it’s better not to program in the events in the calendar to begin with.

Those that don’t like seeing numbers on their timepiece don’t have to with the Apple Watch, for the display can show up in a variety of ways depending on personal preference. One of these options can even showcase the current temperature and weather just in case the user isn’t already outside watching it rain. This delicious feature is pretty sweet, just like the honeycrisp.

Of course, with regular watches, that would be the extent of the fun. With the Apple Watch, users can actually make phone calls, send FaceTime requests, and text others right through the watch. This is a cool chance to look like a spy in a secret agent movie, since the user gets to hold the watch up to their face and murmur their replies. Just in case pretending to be a spy is nerve-racking, the Apple Watch can also track the user’s heart rate, which can be interesting to try before a first date or big job interview. This is even sweeter, just like a Fiji apple.

Everyone knows what it’s like to impatiently wait for that perpetually late friend to show up or for the train to finally arrive. Instead of killing time awkwardly checking Facebook for the tenth time in five minutes, try the sketch feature on the Apple Watch instead. With only a finger, the user can doodle whatever their heart desires and even use this as a primitive means of interaction if another user has the Apple Watch and is nearby.

Of course, what is any technology these days without apps? Third-party companies can really shine by creating apps for the Apple Watch, such as maps, easy online billing, cabs and transportation options, and even a quick translator in case the user ever finds themselves in a foreign country.

You can even personalise the Apple Watch with protective cases and bands from Mobile Mob. Making your Apple Watch personal to you will make it stand out from the crowd and will definitely make it that bit sweeter.

The Apple Watch

certainly seems like it’s going to be quite yummy, although only consumers can decide whether this apple is sweeter or sour.

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