What to Do When Bored At Work

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Typically, a workplace is supposed to be a productive environment; hence, many people never like even the idea of making jokes let alone having fun. But let’s be realistic, all that seriousness isn’t healthy. Can you stay all day glued to your desk? Or not getting the chance to laugh a little with friends or even at them? Sure we can feel fulfilled at work in many ways; some of us may feel rewarded by finding ways to improve the structure of the business. One of these ways may be finding a document management software from somewhere like FilecenterDMS.com in order to improve the filing methods within the office and minimizing the use of wasteful paper. Aside from that, it is absolutely necessary that we all have a little fun, here’s how:

Catch Up With Your Partner In Crime

There are some memories you and your work BFF share. Can you even begin to count the number of houses you torched back in the days while playing pranks on each other? Or even kids that had to keep away from you because you broke each other’s arm? Well at times like these, when you are so bored in the office, it’s about time you reminisce these events.

Just think of this, you just mentioned how you had your boss fired in the previous office you worked; won’t everyone be afraid of you? How about you always asking for anything, and everyone runs to get it for you. That’s quite adorable.

Clean Your Computer

Cleaning can range from wiping the surface of your screen and the keyboard among other devices to clearing the space of your computer. The wiping can be done with a little music in the background which you can often stand to dance alongside. You can even walk to someone and request them to dance to the tune with you. To make it even more fun, create a dancing competition and see who can dance better than the best dance, in this case, you being the best dancer. Whilst you’re at it, you could clean your colleagues computers too! Although, your workplace probably already has a company such as GREENFACILITIES.CO.UK employed to deal with issues of cleanliness. Either way, its a bit of fun to get your dancing on whilst cleaning!

Alternatively, as you clear your space in your computer, as you do this, you may come across some funny clips or even a video you took of someone in the office, at their worst. Send it around, and let people have fun. You may even begin by making them a little curious before posting the clip. Can you believe what the boss does when alone in the office?

Cause Trouble

We must agree that the silence of the office is at times not so comforting neither relaxing at all. Upon getting bored, take a stroll around the office. You sure will get a lot of people so busy to even realize you are around. Disturb them, even for the mere reason of failing to acknowledge your presence; then give them the what will you do about it look. Sure enough, they can’t take any disciplinary action about your actions, but a little payback later can sure serve you right.

Make something with the papers, clips, and pins while still passing the time, then go around scaring people, being cautious not to give others a hint of what you are doing; it will spoil the fun. Take a chance to laugh at your colleagues for their reaction, or even capture the moment on video; it can work better if you have your partner with you.

Play Computer Games

With the quickly advancing technology, everything is digitized, and almost anything is available online. Given this digitization, therefore, you can easily access online games and even play with other people in other locations. You sure have your favorite game, and you also know someone else in the office who loves the game.

Log into the game and request them to play with you. If this doesn’t work, then take off your headphones and play the game as loud as you can, shouting and sulking. But be sure to create a win and entice them to play the game. You may even name your opponent after them, and this will prompt them to play so as to clear their name. If this still doesn’t work, by this time you have captured the attention of many and anyone can offer to sign up and play the game with you or anyone else in the office.