What To Do When Bored At Lunch

What To Do When Bored At Lunch, Things To Do When Bored, I Am Bored, Boredom

Lunch breaks are there to help you break free from the same routine in the office or at school. Apart from just filling your stomach, use this time to fill your mind and soul. In fact, having fun at lunch is the only activity that’s cholesterol-free. So you don’t have to worry about adding weight. So whether you are eating at a restaurant or a school cafeteria, you don’t have to be bored anymore. You can charge up your friends and do the unthinkable. Here is a look at some top activities you can do when bored at lunch.

Start A Band At Your Table

What’s your favorite band? Daughtry or Green Day? And if you share the same interest with friends, why not create a small Daughtry as you wait for your order? Your lunch will never be the same once you establish who the vocalist will be and the drummer. You can do without guitarists. After all, music speaks without the guitar. If you don’t have the perfect voice for the band, the better. Who cares? All you need is to get your message home. Just don’t be too loud to upset the other people having their lunch too. Unless you want security called on you. So keep the vocals down and don’t make it look like a mega show, just scribble on napkins for tickets and keep it on the DL!

Pop Some Corn Without A Lid

If you are at home, you can still have some fun at a lunch break. It’s simple, just do what you wouldn’t do on a normal day. Like popping some corn without the lid. We both know what will happen next. The kitchen will be messed up. But hey, what’s the harm in doing things you wouldn’t do on a normal day? Pop them as you eat your lunch. Pop some more before you go back to work. The more you pop the happier you will be. So get a small pan, some oil and put more corns so that you can fill up the place with more pop corns.

Saunter Into The Kitchen

Yes, you heard that right. If you are being served in a restaurant, it is your right to know how the food you pay for is being prepared. This sounds outrageous but it is an easy way to lighten up your lunch break. So before you sit down, ask the waiter to give you directions to the kitchen. Kitchens are normally out of bounds but hey, who said breaking some rules is bad? Just say you want to know how the food you pay for is prepared. Better still, you can have a talk with the head chef and ask questions like you are an agent from the ministry of health. It doesn’t hurt to be bold at some point and do the unthinkable.

Read A Book Backwards

Do you carry your favorite book everywhere you go? If that’s the case then you can kiss boredom goodbye. Stay seated on the table on that boring afternoon and open your favorite novel. Read chapter after chapter but from backwards. It sounds fun because it is a fun packed activity. People seated next to you will say you are insane and that’s true, normal can be boring sometimes. If you have a magazine, turn it upside down and view the pictures in that position. This is a simple way of giving yourself a special treat.