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What To Do When Bored At A Sleepover

If you have ever been bored at a sleepover then don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, that makes us a million and one. There is nothing as boring as being bored in someone’s house. Scientists have proven that a boring night lasts 24 hours—the morning never comes. And it lasts even longer when your host is as boring as the night. So what should someone do, burn the house? Actually yes, you can light the house up, but not literally. You can do activities that will brighten up your night. But it’s good to be clear about the activities in this case. Most activities we do at a sleep over are age restricted. So we will try and be modest with the activities we will outline below.

Watch A Horror Movie

This is a night like no other. You are probably not used to a boring night. So why don’t you make it a scary one? And by the way, the night is boring because your host is worse than a horror movie, so why not have a substitute? this is a classic, but it is always fun to be scared altogether. To make it even more thrilling, make sure you watch it alone when everybody else is asleep. Make sure it’s in the middle of the night and the lights are off. But since everybody else will be asleep, you should plug in some earphones not to wake people up. This will make it even better.

Try On Clothes

This is as fun as it sounds. If you are at a friend’s house who is of the opposite sex, it will be a night of a lifetime if you tried out his/her clothes and take pictures. If you are not of the same size and shape the better. So if you are an Angelina Jolie skinny type, try out those Monique pants and see how they fit. If you are a guy at a female’s house, this is the time to try out some makeup and see how heavy it feels to have so much on a face. But if you are taking pictures, make sure they don’t end up online. If they do, you will stop having boring nights and instead have sleepless nights.

Eat Some Food

There is nothing as fulfilling as eating in the middle of the night. In fact, this is fun than sleeping next to someone who is dead asleep like a turkey on a tray. Food is always good. Food is life. So eating is giving yourself some life on that boring sleep over. If you are with a lot of girls or simply a guy who likes the kitchen, you can bake some cupcakes or something and give everyone different tasks. Better still, you can bake together. Then in your pajamas, set the table and have a feast like no other.

Sneak Out

This is creepy right? And most of the people who did this ended up with a pan fixed on their heads. But if you are careful not to be mistaken for a thief, you can actually pull this out and have the best night. So get out of your bed in the middle of the night when everybody is dead asleep and sneak into the kitchen. Grab a drink while you are at it and eat something. Go to the balcony and be so careful not to drop anything that will awaken your host. It is fun when no one in the house notices your activities.

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