What Is A Goofball?

Well being a goofball and having fun no matter what your doing is a skill that anyone can develop.  Monkey Pickles would like to thank everyone that has particpated  in our writing contest over the past month.  Alot of people showed off their creative talent and we are truely appreicative that so many fans of Monkey Pickles enjoy the everday fun created by the community.  All submisisons will be showcased throughout the month of April.  We will take our stand as Goofballs United across the globe making people push the pause button on taking themselves so seriuos for 10 mins a day..

Here is our winner for the contest !!!!!! Congrats Nick Jackson Stand by for more contests and all of our goofball fans work over the next the month.

What is a goofball?…

It is hard to pin down isn’t it? Partly because they rarely stay still. Prefering instead to distract you with shiny paper so as to pinch your hat, fill it with whipped cream, duct tape it to your head & tag you repeatedly with their BRWBB causing the cream to squirt out with that universially hilarious ” pfffffft “. Also, some are made of balloons & will pop.

And it is as it should be that for this freeform well meaning spreader of fun & larks shouldn’t be bound by uniform, health & safety or governmental ‘prank request forms’. For the goofball is in all of us … Not in a way that requires an adult or police intrvention but in a healthy way that allows us not to take ourselves too seriously & enables us to cope with the stresses of life.

Now some of you, such as Huntz & myself, may say, ” That doesn’t sound right. Surely you mean small, white, & stroked by a tiger? ”
Well my friend, you are thinking of a golf ball … or a fat clumsy child in some trouble at the zoo.

If you really want see a goofball, find a full length mirror.

Now, if the reflection has wacky clothes, oversized shoes, crazy hair & a spinning bow tie, then it is probably you my friend. If, however, you are then hit by a torent of water from the suspicious reflected button-holed flower, then a clown has escaped from the circus & removed the glass. … You should probably run.

As you flee the changing room for your life , leaving the squeaky footsteps & panicing clothing store assistants behind you, realise that you can take many of those elements to help release your inner goofball … except for the evil. That is just for clowns.

For those of you who see only their usual reflection, this does not mean that you are not a goofball. You might be a fancy big city executive but if your briefcase is occasionally full of springy snakes, you have the power. Or if you are in The Apprentice boardroom and Mr. T. ( hee hee wouldn’t that be fine ) asks ” So, goofy, why shouldn’t I fire you? ” & you answer ” … because I have this pie … & I have to do something with it. “, or ” I pity the fool who doesn’t have a pie in his face. ” or ” No … You’re Pie – ed ” then you have the potential a comedic giant.
You are going to get fired … but with style & the aid of security.

It is not always about throwing the pie, of course. Particularly at Mr.T. ( either of them ). Goofballism ( don’t argue with the science ) is not a malicious state of being. No harm is intended. The goal is to cheer & entertain, often at your own your own expense but you don’t mind. You are too full of fun & positivity to contain it or to safely go out in a thunderstorm. Sure some people will say ” You’re weird ” & if that person isn’t a judge, it’s okay because what they really mean is ” You are a true individual. I envy you. ” And, for all those who back away, the visionaries that befriend you do so with a bond of iron ( Not literally. Those would be handcuffs. ) & deep empathic understanding of your genius.

And so my children ( It’s a metaphor – there’s no allowance ), if that dangerous encouragement does not make you want rush home & change into that grey suit which is a slightly different shade to those of your colleagues, then maybe you should remain a politely applauding spectator.

But if you are already sculpting whipped cream around a balloon & icing HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the top, then The Farce is strong in you & ( with the exception of elderly relatives ) The World needs your power.

Thank you for your time …. It is mine now …. mhaw haw haw

N. Jackson , paperclip auditor.

( Any reference is anything in the real world is purely coincidental & if you think it is that thing, then it isn’t it’s the other one … unless you are thinking of the other thing … in which case it’s the other other thing or a 3rd thing. )

( Also, in the event you act upon any of this …. then this was all a dream & you need to sue cheese & midnight ….. * shimmering dream effect

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Nick Jackson was born in the UK, the land of gunpowder tea, but moved to America to escape exploding cups of tea. He now lives in Florida where he attempts come to terms with concepts such as how flat everything is and whether the alligator is a golfer's natural predator. Nick has written for Monkey Pickles from the beginning, as established in Cern, Switzerland, with the discovery of the long-sought Monkey Pickle Particle. He is somewhat "freaked out" by writing in the third person. Nick is motivated to write for the pleasure of the experience rather than to pay the bills, but he does recognize that pleasure is still not an acceptable method of payment in most respectable retail outlets. He hopes to raise a smile or two before being ejected from the store.


  1. Is it really me?!! … Did I really win?!!

    Wahoo! 😀 This is the best ever. Imaginary champagne for everyone Wahoo! Yeah! Perhaps I celebrate too easily but this definitely demands … Hey look ! A brown dog! 😀 Whoop! Champagne all round.

    But this is all so unexpected ( unfurls speech ) .. so many people to thank … Gwyneth, Halle , the cast of Titanic ( so sad … you will be missed ) …< choke> ..beer … the cupboard corner that gave me mild concussion , The Miami Dolphins for proofreading & grammar tips < boo hoo hoo > … Johnnie Depp's special tea blend … World Peace … the rainbows in the corner of the eyes of puppies …..Worthy peers forcing me to secretly snap Mr. Pickles in a bikini ( I am sure you will beat me next time, now that I have been paid for those photos ) …& just everyone. You're all wonderful. If I was married to Brad I'd Adopt you all.

    Much love ? ? ?

    ( Is that 200 words? … Do I win a t-shirt? )

  2. Congrats…Sir Nicholas…your the perfect poster child for an excellent example of a Monkey Pickles “GOOFBALL” ! Kudos over your noodles, applause with our paws and plenty of wet “rasberries”…all around ! We bow to you, your excellency…Sir Nicholas !..( yes, Sir Nicholas was actually knighted by the Queen of England, herself ! )

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