Top 10 Excuses For Not Having Your Homework Done

Top 10 Excuses For Not Having Your Homework Done

Top 10 Excuses for Not Having Your Homework (Work-Work) Done


Whether we’re school-aged, middle-aged or just aged, we all have responsibilities. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to accomplish them. It is at those moments, we need an excuse to give to the people who have expectations of us. Here are 10 surefire excuses for why you haven’t finished your work that are guaranteed to be accepted by your teachers, professors or bosses.


10. “I was busy making tinfoil hats and duct taping my windows shut.”

9. “I was kidnapped by terrorists. They released me just moments ago, so I didn’t have time to finish it.”

8. “My dog ate it. But you can still make out some of my figures in this stool sample.”

7. “I have my work finished. It’s all done in my head. What, was I supposed to write it down?”

6. “My printer broke, then my disk became corrupted. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and the power went out, also. Do transformers explode everyday? Because that happened, too.”
5. “I didn’t want to add to your heavy workload. Really, you should be thanking me, look at all the time you have to work on other things!”

4. “My doctor told me to take it easy because all this work is making me tired. You wouldn’t want me to jeopardize my health, right?

3. “My grandpa/step-dad/second-cousin/best friend/dog fell into a chipper shredder and I had to identify the body. I’ll need some time off for the funeral, too.”

2. “Last night, I was busy saving the world from the evil supervillain known as Electro-Lex Magneto-Joker. If you’ve never heard of him, it is because I defeated him! You’re welcome, by the way.”

1. “You mean I’m supposed to do it every day?! Sheesh, how does anyone ever get anything done around here?”


What excuses for not having your work or homework done would you add to this list?