Monkey Memes

Monkey Memes

Monkey Pickles Makes the Case for Primate Memes
Everything is better when monkeys and bananas are involved. That extends to things like internet memes. Forget about LOLcats or Rickrolling, the best memes of the internet involve either some sort of primate or boomerang-shaped fruit. We are Monkey Pickles so we might be a little bit biased. But once you see the memes listed below, you could very well agree that monkeys, bananas and goofballs like those found at Monkey Pickles make the internet (and the world) a better place.
Exhibit A: Banana chasing a gorilla (Also gorilla chasing a banana)

We’re not sure when the first Person-in-a-Gorilla-Suit vs. Person-in-a-Banana-Suit video appeared on the internet, but this is one of the earliest that we could find. Its not the only one, though. A quick search of videos on YouTube and other places results in dozens of them, culminating most recently with a random person dressed as a banana hurling himself at an unsuspecting Wireless Center employee in Strongsville, Ohio, who’s “uniform” was a gorilla costume. The banana split, never to be found. The gorilla was mostly unharmed, but a little unnerved that the food chain had been so abruptly reversed.
Exhibit B: Bananaphone

This is a somewhat old internet meme. The song has been around since 1994, but after that little video was posted in 2004, it has been spun into different media, including radio and television. It has been said listening to and watching a Bananaphone creation can cheer up a sad sap.
Exhibit C: Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig

So, how cute is that? Of course this was turned into an internet meme! Search for “baby monkey riding a pig” and spoofs galore are revealed, including many amusing images, t-shirts and other videos. This monkey-related internet meme has been so intriguing, it has been turned into an adorable video game available to iPhone users.
Exhibit D: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

The internet meme that won’t die. This animated gif is hilarious to some, annoying to others, and a little of both to many, many more. Many variations have popped since 2002, when it was first posted on the internet. It even made it into an episode of “The Family Guy,” with Brian the dog singing the song while dancing in a banana suit and shaking maracas (Let’s also not forget the famous Evil Monkey that lived in Chris’ closet, as its own monkey-related meme within that show. Monkeys are everywhere, even hiding in your closet, pointing at you and giving you the heebie-jeebies!).
Exhibit E: Chimp Drives a Segway

The title says it all. Need we say more? After this video hit the internet, people went wild with it, making their own version of the video, spoof images, t-shirts, even dressing up as “Chimp on a Segway” for Halloween. Really, you know you’ve hit internet meme gold when people begin to interpret it into a Halloween costume!
Exhibit F: The Monkey Tail

Finally, the most recent monkey meme to hit the internet and reality. This trend started in January of this year with The Monkey Tail blog. Since then, new photos of guys (and even some gals) sporting monkey tail beards have popped up on the internet. Men with uneven facial hair have rejoiced at their newfound beard option. It even made an appearance at the royal wedding.
Clearly, monkeys and bananas make things better. We rest our case!
Do you have any ideas for a Monkey Pickles internet meme?