MC – The CopyCat Twerker

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MC – The Twerking Jerk

Who was it that said everything old is new again? It didn’t work well this time. Poor MC tried it at the recent music awards and was at best, a poor imitation or copycat of some much greater acts. In the South, her movements would have had Mama running for the kerosene of Pine Oil to cure her of the chiggers that had surely worked their way in to the area of her undergarments. Either that or the poor girl had been sitting on a red ant hill and found herself in the unfortunate position of having ants in her pants.

MC, known now as Ms. Copycat wanted to shock the audience by twerking. Twerking – the new word for rhythmic gyrating gestures of the lower body.  I’ll give her the word, but as for the rest of it, I have to call copycat on MC. I don’t know about you, but MC is not the one I think of when I hear those words.

The original twerker was Elvis.

He shocked but was a bit more tasteful in his execution and had a voice that melted the hearts of those who witnessed or heard his performances. Poor MC did nothing but embarrass. To be honest, MC is copying a seventy year old man who may or may not have been dead for over thirty years now.

Take Ms. C’s twerking, add some class and you get the original dirty dancing. Poor twerking MC is moving down the list quickly.

If shock value was her aim, she failed there too. Been there, done that, seen that, stood in line, got a t-shirt. Madonna, who even with Like A Virgin, never appeared to have been the victim of insects, or need a good dose of flea killer. Madonna’s shock value was real with a rhythm, a beat, and a great song to boot. When it comes to shock value, behind Madonna comes Lady Gaga. MC isn’t even a close second with this bunch.


And what’s with the tongue. Puhleeze. Again Ms. C doesn’t even come in second. Let’s talk about Mick Jagger who has the tongue as his trademark. If his isn’t enough, we always have Gene Simmons from Kiss fame. The tongue of Ms. C would be better used scraping p-nut butter off the roof of her mouth.

Seems to me Ms. C is trying in vain to follow some classier acts. She is behind Elvis who will remain number one in the hearts of his fans, Dirty Dancing, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, and Gene Simmons, and let’s not forget the mouse she so poorly wore. That puts Ms. C last on the list. The only part of copycatting she may have come to close to is that of a copycat murderer. She may actually be unique in this one. She certainly murdered her act.

From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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