Loving It

Do you have today off of work?



Because today you have an excellent excuse to stay in bed ( or a tree … but only if you are a monkey or some other critter that calls a tree home to its private time ) a little longer than usual.

For June 12 is Loving Day


Hopefully you won’t be celebrating Loving Day on your lonesome or be shouting at your mom through your bedroom door for her not to bring your porridge into your room today as you have already sorted out your oats this morning. Although, it is important to remember there are many forms of love. Not all revolve around breathlessness and laundry ( also among the consequences of cardiac arrest. { It is important to know the difference})
If you are with someone or several people, Mr. Romney, it is good form to ensure that your celebrations are in keeping with your circumstances. If you are uncertain whether how you’ve chosen to honor Loving Day, look out for subtle clues.
Perhaps a colleague might say, ” Good Grief And Gravy ( gravy is traditionally served at wakes ), Barry … That is not what I meant by ‘Man up and use some whiteout’.” or ” I said, ‘Televised Presidential ADdress To The Nation’, Sir. … Please put your clothes on.”
Of course, love manifests itself in many ways. Maternal Love, paternal Love, Brotherly Love, Davis Love III. You can have Platonic Love, the love of gin and tonic served on a plate. You can love food, as in the famous tag line ” I am loving … that brown meatlike disc sandwiched in between the bun with an aging painting in its attic “. You can even have Loving Spoons.
So … Celebrate Loving Day because birds will be doing it, even educated fleas will be doing it, you should do it too.
If you want to, if you are the type of person who likes facts or being accurate, then you can remember the tale of Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving. A interracial Virginia couple married in 1958 but forced to leave their native state on account of Virginia’s laws forbidding mixed marriages. After much hardship and discrimination their plight was taken up by lawyers Cohen and Hirschkop culminating in the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case of  Virginia vs Loving which resulted in disbanding of all anti-miscegenation laws. This meant that people could enter into any heterosexual marriage anywhere in the USA and paving the way for the strides in gay marriage equality.
You could celebrate that.
Or ….
 01 bikini-447502_640
Just wear your underpants outside of your trousers as June 12 is also Superman Day.


( June 11 was Jerky Day … but this is merely a coincidence. )