Life As A Toothbrush

It all started after that big truck delivered me to that supermarket…I was just like all the other toothbrushes living on shelves rapped in a plastic box, waiting for someone to pick me up and take me home with them so I could start life as a normal toothbrush!

One day…my toothbrushy dream finally came true! Some fat lady picked me up and I thought life is finally getting better…if I only knew what was coming for me! At first I was tossed in a brown paper bag with whole lot of stuff! Toothpaste, shaving cream, and deodorant you name it!

I waited for a while till I was out of that bag! It was suffocating I almost wished to go back to the boring supermarket shelf! And finally I was there! in a cup with a nice tall spicy toothpaste tube! life couldn’t get any better!

The first night went by peacefully! Guess these folks don’t brush their teeth as often!
The next morning things weren’t as peaceful! A dude ..a GRUMPY dude got in to the bathroom and we (me the toothpaste and the other buddies in the bathroom)had to suffer watching. It was the worst horror movie I had ever seen! Then without even bothering to wash his hand he…he…. HE GRAPPED ME AND THE TOOTHPASTE! And in slow motion he forced our way to his stinky mouth and made us scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub against his stinkin’ breath and stinkin’ teeth! DEAR LORD WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE USED A TOOTHBRUSH? After the enormous suffering I got rinsed and put in the cup again! Unfortunately for toothpaste he got left on the sink….

Days went on and on this way..till I got old and my bristle got soft ,toothpaste was gone and replaced by another several toothpastes..They all ended up with a bad case of anorexia then in the garbage!
But me….I got to get another happy ending..Turns out that out of business old toothbrushes get to be used to clean the bathroom! I was complaining about a stinky mouth! Guess what? it is paradise comparing to these bathroom tiles!
So what do we learn from this? CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!
Peace out! Toothbrush has left the building!


  1. Oh the life as a “hygienic” only cosmetic item. As for me, I’m sparkly blue eyeshadow.. I’m the Paris Hilton of “beauty enhancing” cosmetic items,,, and that’s hot!

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