Living Inside The TV

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I am sure you all remember these days when TVs had a huge box attached to it! Unlike the slim ones they make these days!  This world is trying to make everything slim and tiny even tvs!  any who this is not the subject!   The thing is when I was a kid, I used to think that this box is where those people who appear on TV live inside!  yes!  I used to think that they are little tiny things living inside! And, I used to try looking inside that box to see if they were sleeping while the TV was turned off! I never got this idea out of my head till recently! I was really disappointed!

I am sure you all want to know how I discovered that,right? right? OK! even if you don’t I am going to write it anyway so suck it up and continue reading!

My eldest late sister majored in Electrical Engineering. She wanted to experience her new knowledge, so she took an old TV we had and opened it! I was so excited!  Waiting for them little people to go running around like crazy cuz someone had opened their house and discovered their secret!  But I was in for a HUGE surprise and a big  disappointment!

THERE WAS NO TINY PEOPLE! ZERO! all that there was some cables and weird coloured things! and I know that after seeing this I should’ve just given up on seeing the tiny people who live inside to entertain us!  but no!  I didn’t!  I kept thinking that this is what they turn into when you expose them!

After my sister closed the TV again (which she couldn’t repair) I kept looking back inside it!  Waiting for them plastic things to turn into the tiny people I imagined but no! Nothing happened! And no one came to life!

It was a major disappointment but I LIVED!  haha so what crazy ideas did you have when you were a kid? did you think that there is tiny little people living inside the TV too? Or did you have worse thoughts? Type your crazy ideas in the comments! It would be funny to know what everybody crazy ideas were from when they were kids!

PEACE OUT! See you in another crazy something I will write!