How to Make Gummy Bears

How To Make Gummy Bears

You’ve always loved gummy bears. What’s not to love? Adorable little bears that also taste great. So great that you never even felt guilty about eating the adorable bears. But alas, there are no more gummy bears in your local store. The store manager just had a huge fight with the owner of the gummy bear factory about which gummy bears are the best ones, red or green. The factory owner decided that the only way to get the store manager to appreciate red gummy bears is to take all gummy bears away from him entirely. But you shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s dispute. The great news here is that you can learn to make your very own gummy bears right in the comfort of your very own home!

To make these delicious treats, you’ll want to have the following:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Your favorite flavoring agents
  • Teddy bears

Now that you have all of these ingredients together, let the magic begin!

How to Make Gummy Bears – There’s Always Room for Jell-O!

Basically, the first part of this process involves making Jell-O. The classic recipes call for unflavored gelatin, but why do this when you know more flavor means better candy? You just mix the gelatin with cold water, and then you turn up the heat so that you can get all of it to dissolve. Heating up the liquid will make it so that you can dissolve more and more of the gelatin, so why not just put in as much as possible? More gelatin means…you guessed it…more gummy bears! If you have a truckload of gelatin anywhere around, just find a pot big enough to hold all of it (more like a vat) and then go to town!

How to Make Gummy Bears – Induce a Sugar High!

What you’re technically supposed to do is first put in unflavored gelatin, then flavored gelatin. But where’s the fun in that? Instead of doing that, you have already decided to nix the unflavored crap and just use flavored gelatin, so the only thing left to put in is more sugar. You want these gummy bears to really have you bouncing off the walls. And by that, you literally want to be bouncing off the walls. You are going to attach coils to your shoes so that you can actually try springing yourself off of them after you eat these gummy bears.

How to Make Gummy Bears – Getting Creative with Flavoring

Traditionally, gummy bears come in fruity flavors. But since you are in control here, you can make these gummy bears taste like whatever you want. If you have a penchant for soy sauce, why not try dumping some soy sauce into the mixture and seeing what happens? Who says that savory gummy bears can’t be good? And hey, this way, you won’t need to wait until dessert to have them. Because they’re not sweet, you can actually just eat these soy sauce flavored gummy bears for dinner. Want a challenge at the dinner table? Dump in a whole bunch of wasabi as well.

How to Make Gummy Bears – Sculpting Time!

After you’ve mixed all the ingredients, it is time to actually make them into the cute little bears you’ve always loved. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to use little bear shaped molds, but if you want to give yourself more of a challenge, you can just try sculpting them by hand. Use your favorite teddy bear for reference of what each one is supposed to look like when it’s done. Or if you want to try something really out there, just dump the gummy mixture all over your teddy bear. Once it has reasonably dried, extract and rescue your teddy bear, and then put the hollow bear shaped gummy thing back together and fill it up with more of the gummy mixture. You know your teddy bears come to life when you are sleeping, after all, and wouldn’t it be nice to give them a real sense of purpose, rather than just having them do nothing but sit around all the time and look cute?

How to Make Gummy Bears – Taste Your Creation!

Once your gummy bears are solid and you know you’ll be able to chew on them rather than having to drink them like the sugariest beverage you’ve ever had, it’s time to try them out! Whether you want to just pop them in your mouth, eat them with a fork and knife, or rub them on the butt of your favorite hippo at the local zoo before eating them, it’s time to taste the fruits (or any flavors you would have chosen) of your labor! Whether your gummy bears are fruity, flavored like soy sauce and wasabi, or just have no flavor but are saturated with masses of dog hair because that’s what you chose as your flavoring agent, you should be proud. You have now done what you thought only that grumpy gummy bear factory owner could do, and you’ve even one-upped him because you’re not even going to take it personally that people don’t like your new favorite flavor of gummy bear. You’ll even take your gummy bears to that grocery store owner and let him sell it. Just don’t expect anyone to buy them if you’ve chosen to fill them with dog hair.