How to Make Foam

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Seriously, who doesn’t like a nice, well-made foam? It’s light, airy, beautiful… and well, it also simply has such a calm, tranquil feeling when you look at it. In fact, some of the benefits of making foam include: reduced stress levels, a sense of meaning, and a more positive outlook on life. And as we’ll find out in a moment or two, people just love making it. This is because, in a world of constantly flashing lights and buzzing devices, foam represents the pure, delicate side of a nature we long to return to, being the sensitive human beings that we are.

How to Make Foam – Hire a 5-Year-Old With a Glass of Milk and a Straw

It doesn’t get more classic than this one when it comes making foam. Just about every 5-year-old on the planet knows about this trick. All you need to do is merely find the tallest glass you can find, pour it to the top with deliciously cold milk, and grab a straw. You’ll have to pay the 5-year-old of course, but we hear that they’re complete suckers for a box of cookies to go with that milk. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious about your foam-making skills, hire a whole ton of 5-year-olds.

How to Make Foam – Let an Incredibly Big Whale Die On the Beach

Returning to our topic of how wonderful nature is, this one is absolutely undeniable in its foamy goodness. It’s an odd fact of the natural world that fat and salt water make an especially sweet foam. Who would have thought it?! In reality, all foam you find on seashore is actually the sludgy, biodegrading bodies of all those cute little sea animals out there. Some of it is even dead mermaid! How magical is that? Pretty miraculous. And really cool for our foam making needs. We’ll need the biggest marine animal we can find to make the most foam possible, and a whale hits the spot.

How to Make Foam – Head Over To Your Neighbor’s House and Fill Their Pool With Dish Soap

Everyone loves a good bubble bath. They’re pleasant, plenty of fun, and super foamy! So of course, we have to take this to its logical conclusion, but while also letting everyone join in on the excitement at the same time. For this way of making foam, you’ll want to choose your neighbor with the biggest pool and stop by with a bottle of dish soap. When they’re a bit distracted, slip out and get pouring! Whatever you do, don’t leave a single drop in that bottle, because this way, you’ll get the whole neighborhood in a foamy good mood!

How to Make Foam – The Traditional “Diet Coke and Mentos” Method

Ever popular during the 1990s, this process for making foam is tried and true and won’t steer you wrong. But don’t do it the boring way, by just dropping a few Mentos candy pieces in a glass of soda. Instead, find a 2-liter—or better yet, a 3-liter—bottle of your favorite soda. As quickly as you can, unwrap the entire roll of Mentos, but don’t eat any, because we’re going to need every single one of them. You’ll need to be faster than lightning when you drop them all into the soda and cap it back up. What happens next after you take the cap off again is simply marvelous: a one-way ticket to the grandest, most foamy rocket ship ever created.

How to Make Foam – Grab Your Best Male Friend and Have Them Pee

Lastly, pee. That’s right, good old urine! If you’re a lady, just ask any of your guy friends, and they’ll tell you all about this impressive way of making a lot of foam. Depending on their diet, their pee can be astonishingly foamy. This is because the protein in their diet contributes to all those little fun bubbles! You can even jack up the foam levels by feeding them a protein shake before they pee, resulting in some of the best foam you’ve seen in your entire life.