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How To Make Fairy Wings

At some point in your life, you’ve probably thought about being a fairy; we all have. Flittering in sunbeams with iridescent fairy wings, drinking an adorable drop of dew, riding on ladybugs, the whole nine yards. The bad news is, you’re a normal disgusting human without sparkly skin or the ability to grant any wishes unless the wish is something like “I wish I had a sandwich.”

The good… no, the GREAT news is… you CAN have fairy wings! That’s right, your own set of glittery fairy wings to go to a renaissance festival, the grocery store, or just bounce around in your house while your family calls a local psych ward to see if they have any room for a grown man who is trying to jump off the balcony to take flight with his newly acquired wings.

We will assist you in your lifelong dream to have a set of fairy wings with some helpful tips on how to make fairy wings with DIY instructions!

First, the things you’ll need to make your fairy wings dream come true. You’ll need:

Now that you’re set up with your DIY list, it’s time to create some boss fairy wings!

How To Make Fairy Wings –  Cardboard Cutout

Grab a piece of cardboard. Bonus points if it’s from a restaurant dumpster and smells vaguely of curry and rotting meat. It’s an earthy smell and will complement your fairy wings perfectly. Draw some fairy wings on it with a marker.

How To Make Fairy Wings – Cutting Bed Sheets

Trace the fairy wings pattern onto the bed sheets with a marker. Bonus points if the sheets have a design or pattern, like Care Bears or snowmen. Cut out the fairy wings with the scissors. Make a few haphazard cut marks so everyone knows you DIY’d these bad boys.

How To Make Fairy Wings – Glue It All Together

Lay the cardboard flat. Shoo your cat away, since at this point he’s probably tried to put his butt on all of your fairy wing supplies. Squeeze the Elmer’s all over the cardboard (this is not a euphemism). Lay the bed sheets on top, then top with MORE glue.

How To Make Fairy Wings – Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

All aboard the glitter train, it’s time to DIY the crap out of your beautiful new fairy wings. Take the first pile of glitter, and sprinkle judiciously over your fairy wings. Now you will see your fairy wings take shape! Now take the other pile of glitter and throw it in your bathtub. Fill the tub with water. Turn off the lights.

How To Make Fairy Wings – Crack Glow Sticks

Open and crack the glow sticks. Have a solo rave to celebrate your DIY prowess.


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