Household Uses for Vinegar

Household Uses for Vinegar

When you think of vinegar, you probably consider it first and foremost something that is used in food. In particular, you like to put it on those Oreo and cucumber salads that you find to be the best thing since sliced bread, even though most people instantly throw up at the sight of them. Vinegar has many applications in the kitchen, but there are also many other things that you can do with it to make serious improvements in other aspects of your life. If you open your mind to the magic of vinegar, amazing things can happen. If you aren’t a believer yet, keep reading.

Deodorize Stinky Socks!

One major use for vinegar is to remove bad smells, whether they are coming from your dishwasher, laundry machine, or any other random place in your home. But the smell that concerns you the most in your home is that of your roommate’s dirty socks. They are so nasty that you can actually smell it when he is taking his socks off when he is all the way upstairs and you’re by the front door. Don’t get me wrong, his personalised face socks are great, but the fact he doesn’t wash them really doesn’t help.

What you can do to fix this situation is wait until he is gone and then grab all of his socks, including his face socks, out of his room. Pour a whole bunch of vinegar into a barrel, and then throw the socks into that barrel. Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of the stinky socks that are currently on his feet, which is why you’ll have to tackle him as soon as he walks in the door and grab those socks off of his feet. Once you have done that, do the same to that pair of socks. He might protest at first, but once he sees that the smell is gone, he’ll probably thank you. He won’t even mind that his socks are all wet as he’s wearing them.

Keep the Bugs Away!

You have probably heard this saying a few times: “You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” But chances are, you don’t want flies in your home. They’re always buzzing and making it so that you can’t hear that recording of your best friend burping the alphabet, which you want to listen to without any disturbances at least five times a day. So doesn’t it make sense that whatever it takes to catch a whole bunch of flies, you will want to do the exact opposite? If this is the case, the knowledge that flies don’t like vinegar should be very helpful to you. What you should do is toss vinegar all over your home. Better yet, douse everything you own with it, so that you can make sure to keep those pesky insects away at all times. Sure, your entire home will smell like vinegar, but isn’t that better than having flies all over the place all the time?

Make Your Dog Stop Licking the Carpet!

For as long as you’ve had him, your dog has had a habit of incessantly licking the carpet. One time, you watched him do this for 15 minutes straight. You have no idea what drives him to do this or if he is deriving any pleasure from it, but you do know you don’t want your carpet to smell like dog slobber.

What’s the solution, you ask? Make the carpet smell like vinegar instead! Every single day, soak your carpets with vinegar. Not only will this help keep the bugs away, but it will help keep your dog’s tongue away as well. Unless he’s one of those dogs who likes vinegar and will just end up licking the carpet even more when it’s soaked with it, in which case we can’t help you because your dog is too weird. He’s awesome because all dogs are awesome, but he’s weird. Sorry to be the one to have to break it to you.

Cover Your Crimes!

You have never loved anything more than the scent of your roommate’s shampoo. It’s tropical beach, mountain breeze, and fruity fun all rolled into one. You would have thought that that combination would be absolutely disgusting, but somehow, the manufacturers of this shampoo made it work. Unfortunately, your roommate won’t tell you where she got it, and you can’t resist using it because it makes your hair smell so amazing that you get away with anything, anywhere. Just last week, you showed up to work two hours late, and your boss didn’t even care. They were just happy you were able to come at all and gift them with your amazing scented hair.

Lucky for you, she’s on vacation right now. So as of right now, she has no way of knowing that half her shampoo is gone. What you can do is fill up the shampoo bottle with vinegar, restoring it to its original volume. Some people use vinegar to wash their hair anyway, so it’s not like you’re putting toxic chemicals in her shampoo (although she would kind of deserve that for refusing to tell you where she got it, right?). Just cross your fingers and hope that she doesn’t notice that the scent of the shampoo has been altered a little bit.