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Household Uses for Paper Clips

Paper clips have generally been seen as a very useful item. If you have a ton of papers that you want to keep together, a paper clip is your man. But we all know that with the advent of the internet, paper clips and anything having to do with paper in general is becoming increasingly obsolete. After all, why would you want to read an article about your favorite pelican at the zoo attacking yet another white tiger, having to flip all those pages and everything, when you can simply scroll through the same article online? But if you have a whole bunch of paper clips lying around, you can still use them even if you have no use for paper anymore!

Tie Your Hair!

You like your hair, but it is so annoying. It’s in your face all the time, and you have a habit of losing all the hair accessories you ever buy, so you have nothing you can use to tie it up. You have lost all of your rubber bands too, so it’s not like that’s an option. Have you ever considered using a paper clip to tie your hair?

One of the great things about paper clips is that you can “unwind” them so that they are basically just slightly bent up metal rods. So what you should do is find your nearest paper clip, pull it into a straight line, and then put it around your ponytail. You can twist it up really tight so that it doesn’t end up falling off. You might end up getting poked in the head by the ends while you are trying to sleep, but hey, you were getting way too much sleep anyway.

Make Notes On Your Skin!

So many times, you have found that you are unable to remember when you have just done something. You want to make sure that the garage door is closed at night so that someone doesn’t come in while you are sleeping and steal everything you own. You’re particularly worried about your collection of rotten pepper rinds. You would be just heartbroken if someone took those. But sometimes, you forget that you have checked the garage door already and feel like you need to check it again. And again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little reminder that you have already checked it? You could just write a symbol on your hand that shows you that you’ve already done it. Of course, it would occur to you first to use a pen rather than the business end of an unwound paper clip, but you gave all your pens to that homeless guy so that he could apply for a job rather than continuing to beg you for money. So what you do is just use a paper clip to scratch that symbol on your hand. That way, you know the garage door is closed and that it is closed for the night!

Use Them As Clip-On Earrings!

You always loved the idea of wearing earrings, but you can’t deal with even the thought of someone putting a hole in your ear. There are all sorts of really great clip-on earrings that you could wear, but the problem is that you don’t have any money. You lost all of it when you made that bet with your friend that he wouldn’t be able to eat the old chair in your living room. It turns out that he has a much hardier digestive system than you would have thought.

But you do have all of those paper clips lying around. And you could make some amazing clip-on earrings out of those! Just clipping standard metal paper clips onto your ears would be creative in itself, but if that isn’t enough, you can always do more. You can paint them or even put little bells on them if you wish!

Create Silverware!

When you moved into your new apartment, you never bought silverware. You really didn’t see the point. You hated the apartment and were barely ever there, and it’s not like you invited people over often…or, well, ever. But ever since your landlord removed that family of dead rats from inside the walls, you actually find yourself hating the apartment a lot less. So now you actually want silverware in your home so that you can eat there occasionally.

The great news is that you don’t have to drop a whole lot of money, or really any money at all. In fact, you can use paper clips to make your own silverware. Normal paper clips are already silver, so the work is half done for you! Just twist and turn them and link them together, and you can make them into spoons, forks, and even knives. Makeshift silverware at your service!

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