Household Uses for Baking Soda

Household Uses for Baking Soda, Uses for Baking Soda, DIY

There are so many household uses for baking soda. Really this item should be bought in bulk by the person who does the shopping in one’s home. Kids, keep in mind that this is a really good Christmas present to get your moms. Also include this article in your present, because your mother probably doesn’t even know how well baking soda really is. If a person has not heard of all the amazing household uses for baking soda, have no fear. This article can be printed off and distributed to the entire office. Or just e-mailed out as an important memo because everyone knows killing more trees is just wrong.

Laundry Detergent

Anyone who knows anything knows that buying laundry detergent products is expensive. The stores just keep upping the prices for their secret formulations. I mean, no one has that kind of chemicals on hand in their home. But they do have one item that they might just keep in the pantry. Take this baking soda and pour the entire box in the washer. Do you have a stain on your clothes? Just sprinkle baking soda on it and leave it to sit for a couple of days. Then, voila, no scrubbing required- the clothes will be as good as new. And the same goes for upholstery. Don’t hire an expensive company to come in and remove one unsightly stain. Take a jar of baking soda and dump it on. Add some boiling water to help it soak in and sanitize!

Teeth Whitening

Those toothpaste companies and dentists are keeping a deep dark secret from us. They don’t want us to know that we don’t need to resort to any sort of cosmetic, regulated, scientific procedure for sparkling white teeth. Granted, if you’re looking for perfection you may need the help of somewhere like this Dentist in Modesto, but if you just want to go shade later you can do it yourself! Yes, even people with no money can have a movie star smile. They want you to save all your money to go sit in an office and get whitening performed by the dentist. With that being said, if you have given this method a go at home, but didn’t notice any or much difference, maybe knowing that you can visit a Dentist in Healdsburg (if you live in and around this area of California) to get your teeth professionally whitened may seem like a much better option for you. But if you want to try a home remedy, just go home and get your baking soda out. Dump the container all over your toothbrush and start scrubbing. You will just abrade away years of damage to your teeth from smoking, wine, coffee, and sodas. It will happen over years and years, but eventually, your teeth will be white again. Just don’t start those bad habits again because it will take several more years of brushing with baking soda to fix.

Fixing Bad Smells

Baking soda is wonderful to keep open in the fridge. The container will fix all of the bad smells that linger there. But everyone knows that. They already have a designated box for their fridge. Why not have a box of open baking soda in every room? Just think how pristine each room can become through cracking open a box and just leaving it there. Don’t worry as much about eliminating the odors. Just try to mask them by open boxes of baking soda. It’s cheaper than a maid service. And the baking soda can really stretch the times in between regular cleans. You might be able to get away with an extra week of slacking off on chores when you have those open boxes of baking soda in each room.


Again, the doctors are holding out on you. And so are all the pharmacies. They just want you to buy their expensive products with medicinal ingredients that no one can pronounce. You don’t have those medicines at home, so you become addicted to shopping at your local pharmacy. Just do what people did in the old days. You know that times were so much better then anyways without all this scientific proof clouding people’s intuition and best guesses. Baking soda will cure all ailments. I can’t tell you about doses because back in the day, everyone just relied on their own judgement. So if you feel like taking two tablespoons for your medical issue, then do so. Everyone in different. But I know one thing, don’t just swallow it done. You could choke just like those people on YouTube that blocked their airways doing the cinnamon challenge. Put that baking soda in water so it’s a liquid, not a solid- duh!

People might wonder if you’re manic when you buy 15 boxes of baking soda on your next trip to the grocery store. Just tell them about the wonderful website article that changed your life. You can even have it pre-printed on business cards because you know they’ll want to know about your life-changing and money saving knowledge about household uses for baking soda.

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