Finding Nimoy

Finding Nimoy

Kkhhaaaaaannn !!!

Leonard Simon Nimoy lived long and prospered between March 26 1931 and February 27 2015.
He has now boldly transported to the bridge of the USS Beyond and join her crew in their never ending mission of well deserved rest.
Logically, he will be missed.

Here are a few Nimoy highlights

If I had a hammer I’d smash this record.

William Shanter was infamous for terrible singing but Nimoy was responsible for some notorious tunes too. In particular, If I Had A Hammer and The Ballard Of Bilbo Baggins scar my memories.

Nervous Kiss

Before deciding upon Spock’s trademark attack, The Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Nimoy experimented with the Vulcan Wedgie and The Vulcan Hickie. … Well … maybe it happened that way.

Take the Hellmans Mr. Sprout

Nimoy was a vegetarian, as was Mr. Spock, which made Nimoy the perfect choice to play the role.

Spock Smash!

Mr. Spock had green blood but it would have been a mistake to make him angry because … Vulcans are experts at suppressing their emotions and it would have taken you all day to irritate him.

Is this Tribble house trained ?

After the original Star Trek was canceled, Nimoy opened an exotic pet shop although it is thought that the pets sold were predominately native to Earth.

Waaaah – t ?

Nimoy directed several films including Three Men And A Baby

Bank Right Mr.Spock

For years Canadians have been transforming the picture of Sir Wilfird Laurier ( Canada’s first French speaking Prime Minister ) into Mr. Spock on their bank notes. Since Leonard passed away the practice has skyrocketed in a quirky tribute to the departed actor. Although the artistic transformation does not invalidate the money, the Bank of Canada frowns upon defacing bank notes and points out that retailers may refuse to accept the currency. … Those cold hearted inhuman bankers.

Picture This

Nimoy studied photography at UCLA and was also a published poet.

Science, Baby

Mr. Spock was the USS Enterprise’s Second Officer / Science Officer and not the Baby And Child Care Officer.

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