Do’s and Don’ts of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do's and Don'ts of Wisdom Tooth Removal

If your wisdom teeth are constantly causing you pain, you may need to have a wisdom tooth removal from a dentist surgery and clinic like Dentist Sewell. If you’ve never had a wisdom tooth removal procedure done before, you may feel worried or even scared. No matter how many articles you read and first-hand accounts you get from family members and friends, you may still be uncertain about what to expect. You obviously want the wisdom tooth removal procedure to go as smoothly as possible without complications arising.

Making sense of all the information online can be very daunting. This is particularly true if you’re also receiving advice from your dentist and your loved ones. It should go without saying, but it’s probably best to value the opinion of the Dentist Silver Springs over any advice you receive from anybody else. Fortunately, here at Monkey Pickles, we are committed to ensuring that our Monkey Picklers have a positive and fun experience when it comes to wisdom tooth removal. Here are the most important “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of wisdom tooth removal. As long as you follow these “Do’s” and “Don’ts,” you will likely be wishing that you could do the wisdom tooth removal procedure all over again.

DO Mix Pain Meds and Alcohol for a Fun Blackout

If you truly want the wisdom tooth removal process to be a fun and memorable experience, you should mix your pain medications with alcohol for a fun blackout. Think back to your college days when you would go out to party and end up drinking so much that you blackout and puke. This will be the same experience, except ten times better. Not only will you be entirely pain free, but you will also have fun hallucinations that you will be able to tell your dentist about later.

Even though mixing pain medications and alcohol could cause internal bleeding, liver damage, impaired breathing, and even heart problems, don’t worry about it and just do it anyway. If you managed to survive a wisdom tooth removal procedure, you are practically invincible anyway. There is no need to worry about it. You’ll be perfectly fine.

DON’T Plan a 4-hour Lecture After Surgery

After surgery for wisdom tooth removal, you should avoid planning a 4-hour lecture after surgery. This is particularly true if you choose to heed our advice and mix pain medications and alcohol for a fun blackout. If you attempt to plan a lecture after surgery, the end result certainly won’t be good because you will be loopy and out of sorts. However, if you absolutely must plan a 4-hour lecture after surgery, you should actually get started during the procedure while you’re more coherent.

Keep in mind that while it’s a big no-no to plan a 4-hour lecture surgery, you shouldn’t worry about actually giving a 4-hour lecture after surgery. After all, if you already have everything planned out, there’s not much that can go wrong.

DO Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

After the wisdom tooth removal procedure, chances are your dentist informed you that you would not be able to eat any solid foods for a few days while you heal from the procedure. Instead, you will need to live off of liquids and soft foods. Instead of drinking chicken noodle soup all day or eating oatmeal, you should make things easier for yourself by eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only will the coldness of the ice cream help ease your pain, but your taste buds will certainly thank you. Ice cream is nutritious and will help you eat faster.

Don’t worry about getting bored of eating ice cream all day long. There are literally hundreds of flavors of ice cream available in the world. The truth is you will feel devastated once you recover from the wisdom tooth removal procedure because you will no longer have a legitimate excuse to eat ice cream all day.

DON’T Use Anesthetic

If you truly want to have a fun experience with wisdom tooth removal, you should refuse to undergo the procedure with anesthetic. You shouldn’t use any type of anesthetic whatsoever because the medication will prevent you from experiencing the experience of wisdom tooth removal to the fullest extent.

Not only will you have a great time testing your personal pain tolerance, but you will also impress your dentist significantly. In fact, your dentist will brag about you to all his or her other patients. You will serve as a living testimony for these patients that they too can undergo wisdom tooth removal without using anesthetic as a cop out.

If your dentist attempts to convince you to use anesthetic, you should view this as an additional challenge to overcome. Don’t cave into the demands of your dentist no matter what he or she says. In fact, he or she may simply be trying to make more money by forcing you to use a medication that you clearly don’t need.