Do’s and Don’ts of Meditation

Do's and Don'ts of Meditation, Meditate, Dos, Donts, Relaxing, Humor

Meditation is no rocket science. All of those people blabbering about how they went to India or met a guru who changed their life through meditation is just trash talk. If you just took out time and sat down for a while you could do it too. Meditation isn’t all about trance.

Different people use meditation for different things. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts and you too can achieve enlightenment through meditation. Better yet, you can reach ‘Unagi’ – a total state of awareness, and you will be prepared for any situation thrown at you or any danger that befalls. How cool is that!

Do Ease Your Mind

Detach yourself of all thoughts and worries. Try not to think if you locked to door or left the stove on, about your big meeting tomorrow or the hot chick sitting next to you. Let’s face it; you’re stuck here and you do not want to get out of it, I mean this is the one time to go in search of inner peace.

Moreover, if you have left your door unlocked or the stove on you can’t make it in time anyway. Most importantly, what would the hot chick think? Stay put, so you can tell her how good your experience was – a great conversation starter. So let go of all the thoughts and put your mind at ease – inner peace!

Do Be Experimental

Passive meditation techniques of staying still and letting go don’t work for all of us. Active meditation using modern technology on the other can be quite useful to start with. You can use guided imagery meditation and think of ANY ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE or FEELING – whatever makes of feel good!

There are no boundaries to imagination. If the object of beauty sitting next to you makes you feel good, go for it – imagine all you want. In a meditative state, you can sometimes also communicate to the people you think about through telepathy. So, this might be a good chance! Try talking to your dog – stop all thought processes and think what your dog is thinking. You may just feel that ‘connect’ with your dog that you never did before, you know?

Don’t Worry If You Get Interrupted

No matter what, interruptions are going to happen. Don’t worry if you get a call or two, or if your phone keeps beeping with the alert you created to follow live game scores. Take the call if you must, check the score and get back to business. When you learn to go with the flow, that’s when you know you have achieved true inner peace.

So if your partner does call in to say ‘I love you’, it can wait. If she changes her mind a few hours later, she probably wasn’t meant for you!

Don’t Compare Your Experience with that of Others

Ever found yourself cheering in a game when nobody else was? It’s okay. Some things you can enjoy on your own, without having to compare to someone else’s. So what if someone saw yellow and you saw black. It’s like you preferring baseball and someone preferring volleyball – everyone has their own choice. Just like you didn’t like those green vegetables, but your mom seemingly did – okay, she didn’t too we guess, but that’s not the point here.

Black is pure class and who wears yellow anyway. Now we know who’s on the losing end. Don’t get upset if someone said they experienced physical sensations, while you fell asleep; because if you did, your session couldn’t have been more fruitful. How peaceful and relaxed were you that you fell asleep.