Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the way of the future. A bunch of studies say so. Since you want your business to succeed, you need to be able to tackle this aspect of sales. So it comes as no surprise to find that some companies are taking it up themselves to make smart comparisons between Mailchimp vs Sendgrid, just so they can make positive improvements to their business. We all know how much of an impact technology can be, so using it to your advantage makes sense.
The good news is that everything you could ever need to know about marketing can easily be reduced to four simple points. There is no reason to balk at the challenge ahead. These dos and don’ts will make you a master of email marketing, and there is no doubt that following the tips will lead you to ultimate success, with endless piles of money raining down upon you. They’ll also help you sell some stuff. Don’t worry if things like this go over your head though, you can easily hire a professional like tyler horvath to help you sort out your marketing for your business. However, if you think that you might be able to cope by yourself, then keep on reading.

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DO Have Engaging Obstacles

You’ll notice that many pros in the business include an opt-out button. That might seem counterintuitive. After all, how can people get your promotions if they block your emails? The truth is that this is a secret technique to build engagement. Opt-out options should come paired with demanding obstacles. If you’re feeling uncreative, you can bury the button behind surveys, bot detectors and additional ads.

The real pros never miss a chance. Anyone trying to opt out is interacting with your campaign, so reward them! The final button should really be hidden by a real-life scavenger hunt, brain-challenging puzzles, full-fledged fitness tests and a full season on a reality TV show. Building up the opt-out process is the key to retaining participation in your campaign, and with enough ingenuity, it will make you stand out as the most creative brand in your industry.

DON’T Be Too Personal

The greatest gift of the internet is anonymity. Everyone loves that they can go through life without actually interacting with other humans, so you need to reflect this in your email campaign. Don’t address prospects directly; that’s too personal. Instead, you should rely on standard greetings like “attention customer.”

As you begin to master the concept, you’ll realize just how far it can go. If you don’t need your customer’s names, they probably don’t need yours either. Cutting things like product descriptions, terms and services and your company’s name in the email saves on costs while conforming to shoppers’ interests. There’s no reason for demographic research or niche marketing since neither party can actually identify each other. In fact, if you’re getting online responses, then you’re probably still too personal. Consider just sending blank emails for a while to correct the problem until you can find a better way to have anonymous content.

Do Consider a Healthy Use of Spam

Once people start responding to your emails, you’re going to be tempted to jump on the Spam wagon. This is a risky maneuver. When used correctly, Spam can be a key ingredient in any recipe and really elevate the flavor, but without meticulous testing, it can fall flat. In some cases, it’ll coat computers and keyboards in a layer of grease that are sure to cost you some potential buyers.

The real trick is to experiment thoroughly in the kitchen before you send the emails. If your recipe is working consistently, then you can consider putting that Spam in a massive email. If you’re at all unsure, though, call in some taste testers to avoid a disaster. People have varied tastes, so you only want to use Spam when you’re completely sure that it will be received in mass. If you do nail it, you can be assured of gaining widespread popularity

Don’t Take a Break

The whole point of email marketing is to reach large numbers of prospects. It’s also a super cheap way to spread the word about your company. For those reasons, it’s pretty obvious that you never want to relent on your emails. They should fill as many inboxes as possible as often as possible.

Achieving success in this area is very tough. After all, people eventually need to sleep, right? The trick to success is to automate. Invest in a couple of email bots that can keep the emails flowing around the clock. If you’re worried about content, don’t forget the trick from earlier: blank emails. As long as people are still getting notifications from you, they can trust that business is great. The last thing you want is for your customer base to think you’ve run out of offers. Besides, everyone feels good about themselves when they get a new message. You’re informing customers and boosting their self-esteem. It’s a win-win!

That’s all there is to it! Get out there, win some customers and make your business grow!