Cuca The Alligator Is Everything

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Everyone, meet Cuca.



Cuca is an anthropomorphic alligator villain in the early 2000s Brazilian children’s television show Sitio do Picapau Amarelo. She is sassy as all get out, and for some unknown reason she has become the meme du jour of June 2017.



She is now in competition with other sexy starlets and female musicians for no apparent reason other than the fact that everyone loves a little cat fight.



I think Cuca reminds us of the inner diva we all have inside of us, even if we are a hideous scaly beast.



Cuca is being labeled as “iconic” and, for the moment, the unofficial mascot of the LGBTQ community.



The glamorous witch is ripe with personality and diva-ness, making her the ultimate choice for a reaction gif.



So, until this meme runs out of steam… FULL CUCA AHEAD!