A Southern Man With A California Heart

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As I state in my author bio,

I am a born and raised southerner, born in North Carolina, who has just moved to California.  You wold have thought that such a move would have knocked me out like an old Mike Tyson opponent from the culture shock, right?  Strangely enough, no.  I think way deep down, past my country drawl and inside my southern soul I was always a Californian.  Heck, maybe I lived here in some past life.  (If one believes in such a thing.  )


Not that I am embarrassed of my southern roots.

Not at all.  I will watch ‘Andy Griffith’ if Barney is on it.  I’ll listen to Elvis and Johnny Cash.  I’ll sit on the porch in a late summer evening.  I’ll even drink my iced tea, beer, or liqueur from a mason jar.  But… I have no interest in hunting an animal for sport.  (Sorry Ted Nugent, I must decline the invite)  I think John Wayne stinks as an actor and believe most old western films suck.  I don’t leave my Christmas lights on the house all year long, or say yee – haw.  I don’t own a gun or anything with a confederate flag.  For that matter I think the south has as much chance of ‘rising again’ as Reverend Billy Graham does without the aid of a Viagra I.V.


I loved North Carolina

For the scenic beauty.  There are few places as beautiful in the Autumn.  Most of my wonderful family is still there and a piece of me will always be there too.  But in a big way I never felt like I truly belonged.  Here in Cali, I love the blends of styles and beliefs.  I can truly express myself here.  If you talk about a different view on life one doesn’t even blink in California.  In the south most would look at you like you just spit in their biscuit and gravy.  (Which I do love to eat by the way.)   I am a proud southern man with a California heart.  It only took meeting my soul mate and thirty eight years to get here.