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10 Funny Words That Start With M

Mother of mercy! Wait until you read this list of magnificent words that start with M!

1. Madwoman

A madwoman is a crazy old bat. But the magic of this word is that you can instantly turn any female into a madwoman just by calling her one. Just say “You’re a madwoman!” and watch the sparks fly!

2. Maestro

A maestro is an eminent composer or teacher of music. Technically, your kid’s school music teacher could be a maestro, but from the way they were plunking those piano keys at the last music recital … probably not.

3. Maledict

This means to put a curse on someone. Be a good witch and don’t do it. Remember … karma.

4. Moronic

I was wondering. Can you be a smart person and still do moronic things? Or can morons only do truly moronic things? Maybe smart people can just do regular dumb things? Or is this a case of “When geniuses act like morons”? Either way, it would probably be better to be called a dumb person than a moron. Moron just sounds stupider.

5. Muffin Top

This is such a mean word. You take a muffin, and you know the top is the most delicious part. I mean, a whole Seinfeld episode was dedicated to muffin tops. But all of a sudden it’s an insult simply because some women wear jeans with too-tight waistbands and their middle bulges out. Yes, it’s an eyesore. But can’t we call it a muffin puffin? That would be soooo much nicer.

6. Munchies

Residents of Colorado and several other states know exactly what this is, because marijuana is legalized and they can smoke pot. This causes the munchies. The rest of us only know about the munchies from reading about it, because pot’s not legal in our states, so how would we know?

7. Mmmm

What you can politely say without opening your mouth when you chew.

8. Mazy

This is an actual word that means something having lots of twists and turns, like a maze. So the next time your little toddler says something is “mazy,” don’t correct her, because it’s a real word. So there.

9. Mane

You can substitute this word for “hair” if you really want to elevate your compliment about somebody’s locks. “Wow, you have a glorious mane!” If they reply, “A main what?” Then you can say, “Main head of hair.” Because in that case, they had no idea what you were talking about, so you have to talk down to them.

10. Massive

Massive is one in a chain of words to describe something big. It goes like this: large, big, huge, gigantic, massive, gargantuan. See? Massive is almost at the top of the list, but not quite. Be really careful how you use it, because if you describe something as being massive when it’s really just big, you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Kind of like that moronic “mane” girl with the muffin puffin.

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