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April Fool’s Pranks and Funny Gag Gifts

It’s April Fool’s Day again, and THAT means April Fool’s pranks are back in full swing. April Fool’s Day is one of our favorite holidays at the Pickled Nickel, because we simply love pranks and gag gifts. The word schadenfreude explains April Fool’s pranks pretty well: it means “pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.” It sounds harsh, but pranks are like gag gifts; it’s all in good fun and meant to promote belly laughs and memories!

A well-placed fake turd, resetting alarm clocks, plastic ants, and judicious use of food coloring are great pranks for April Fool’s Day, but we’re going to broaden your prank horizons with some new stuff to terrorize your unsuspecting prank victims! My friend certainly won’t forget the time 100 custom bobbleheads bulk ordered in the likeness of his boss turned up all over his apartment, he kept finding them weeks and weeks after. That might be a little over the top for you though, so here are a few of our favorite prank and gag gift items to spoil your family and friends with.

Monkey Pickles
Monkey Pickles
Monkey Pickles is a fun social media humor community centered on everyday nonsense. We base our humor in our community, reactions and comments. We enjoy building a community of friends not just followers. If you haven't laughed yet today, something is wrong!
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