Superhero Undergarment Of The Month

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In time for Halloween it’s … TA DA DA DUMMM!

Superhero undergarment month.  Yes friends, fellow comic book lovers, or nerds if you will.  All October you can get your geek on.

No need to wait for ‘trick or treat’ to wear and feel like your favorite D.C. and/or Marvel comic hero.  Just grab some jockeys with Spiderman’s round red and blue masked noggin.  Or, feel bullet proof in some Superman boxers.  Maybe one will want to feel like a brooding or pompous billionaire in some Batman or Ironman boxer briefs.

But we can’t forget the women.

Superheroins and the ones who love them.  There are tons of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Black Widow bikini shorts, thongs, bras, and lingerie.

So, young, old, male, or female.  Slip on the power of the Justice League, Fantastic Four, or the Avengers on your neither regions all month long.  (But please buy a month’s worth or wash them everyday though.  Eeew!)  Get wild on Halloween night and wear your Thor drawers underneath your Green Lantern costume.  Stan Lee will never have to know.