Me And My Muffin Top (No Baking Required)

Me And My Muffin Top (No Baking Required)


My personal favorite is banana nut, though I really like pumpkin.

It’s definitely a close second.
I do NOT, however, appreciate the one that has developed around my mid-section.
No baking required — just zip up my jeans.

I had heard roomers of such a thing, from those who have been here before me.

“Just wait ‘til you’re in your forties!” they would say.

But, I did not believe them.
THAT won’t happen to ME, I thought.
But, it did.

When I first noticed, I tried to use my stern “mom” voice.

“Go to your room, until I tell you to come out!”

And, like a rebellious teenager, it did not listen.

It just continued to grow.

Time to regroup, I thought.

Exercise more? Check.

Eat less? I can do that.

Give up my wine? Silence.

As a parent of (more than one) rebellious teenager, I do not typically recommend this advice . . .

but I may just have to become friends with my muffin top.