If A Fad Doesn’t Fade Is It Still A Fad?

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Fads come and go,

and thank God for that. But there is one fad, if it can be called a fad, that is leaving a permanent mark on the faces of women in South Korea. Young women there are opting for a surgery to make their faces more western looking – meaning they want to look like us. There is one BIG problem with that though. The surgery leaves them looking like the Joker from Batman with a crazy upturn to the corners of the mouth.

The surgery is a bone-cutting, double jaw surgery that involves realigning the upper and lower jaws to achieve a softer silhouette. When completed, the mouth has a lift to the corners and forms a permanent smile, much like the Joker, sans the horrendous white and red lipstick and maniacal laugh.

This craze has soared

in the last few months. Why, I haven’t a clue. I have to wonder though, do these young girls know that fads are supposed to fade with time. Think about that. If fads were permanent we would still have some pretty bad things, and a few good ones.

From the 60’s

we would have rock and roll music. Yes, it’s still here which can be taken as a good and/or a bad thing. We also have long hair for men, freedoms never seen before, and the drug culture or counter-culture.

From the 70’s

we would still be dealing with hippies. Wait, I think there are a few of those still around. We would have anti-whatever demonstrations, peace, love, and Woodstock. And deep throat. Blech!

From the 80’s

we could still play with the rubic cube. I’ve seen a few of those at yard sales, and wasn’t there a commercial featuring someone solving that in like 2.3 seconds – blindfolded? We would also still be saying “ET, phone home” and wearing metallic techno clothes. Thanks, but um, no.

From the 90’s

we would still be listening to blasting RAP and Grunge music. Wait, I think one of them is still around. Unfortunately.

From the 2000’s

we would be forever stuck trying to solve the Y2k problem, the Batchelor that seems to keep returning, terrorism, social media and the mega bucks iPhone that is replaced every year.

And from the 2010s

we have twerking. Enough said there.

Can you tell me honestly that any of these defining decadal moments should be permanent? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So why would anyone want to permanently look like the Joker?