How to Make Foil Stickers

How To Make Foil Stickers

Everyone loves stickers. How can you not? They usually look cool, and you can jazz up any boring surface with them. Foil stickers are especially awesome because they’re shiny, and shiny objects not only look pretty but are great for distracting your cat when she’s trying to use your new bright pink wicker bookshelf as a scratching post. Unfortunately, they are actually pretty hard to find in stores. Not to mention that you can’t necessarily find ones with patterns that you actually like. They just don’t make foil stickers of roller skating chickens. The great news is that you can actually make your own foil stickers with whatever patterns you want!

To do this, you will need the following supplies:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Pens
  • Nail polish remover
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Once you’ve gotten all these supplies together, you’re ready to make the most awesome foil stickers ever!

How to Make Foil Stickers – Pick Your Patterns!

Here is where you decide what kind of foil stickers you actually want. Are you an animal lover? Maybe you want stickers depicting talking bunnies and frenzied llamas. Have you always wanted a silver medal but never had the ability to enter a competition where you could win one? Now, you can make your own! There are no rules here. You can literally make whatever kinds of foil stickers you want. Of course, if they patterns are too disturbing, you probably don’t want to share them with anyone, but why would you want to share them anyway? These are yours, let them make their own!

How to Make Foil Stickers – Draw to Your Heart’s Delight!

Perhaps the most impressive part about foil stickers is the patterns that are embedded in the shiny surfaces. Now, you get to create your own patterns. All you need to do is take the writing utensil of your choice and draw on the aluminum foil. After you are done drawing, just get some nail polish remover and remove that bright green ink from the foil, so that it appears that there was never ink on there in the first place. Or if you want to skip the ink removal part altogether, what you can do is take whatever pens you want to use for this and use up all the ink before using them on the foil. Scribbling your name all over the walls of your house is one great way to do this.

How to Make Foil Stickers – Cut Them Out!

Unless you want to have one huge foil sticker that is a bunch of random shapes on a sheet of aluminum foil, you’re going to have to cut the shapes out. Generally, scissors are the most common tool to be used for cutting, so get a pair of scissors and go at it. If you don’t want to use scissors because you are still traumatized from watching Johnny Scissorhands when you were five and your babysitter threatened to cut off your hands and replace them with pairs of scissors, you can use something else. Perhaps a pocket knife, or maybe you can shape one of your fingernails into a sharp claw and just scratch each foil sticker out of the sheet. It’s entirely up to you.

How to Make Foil Stickers – The Stickier, the Better!

This is the super fun step where you get to transform oddly shaped pieces of foil into foil stickers! Just use your favorite type of glue, and smear that stuff all over the back of each one of the little creations you have just cut out. If you don’t have glue, any sticky substance will do. Maybe you have some honey in your refrigerator that you don’t want to eat but that you don’t feel right about throwing away either because your great-aunt allowed herself to be stung by thousands of bees just to make up that bottle for you. Now, you can put it to good use by rubbing it all over the backs of your foil stickers!

How to Make Foil Stickers – Shiny Stickers Everywhere!

Now that you have made foil stickers that are perfectly customized to your tastes, you get to choose where to put them. You can just put them on paper if you want, but why not think outside of the box? Specifically, why not put them on the outside of your cat’s litter box? At least that’ll give you something pretty and shiny to look out while you’re cleaning it out every day. Just make sure that you decide where to put these stickers right away, because whatever sticky substance you rubbed all over the back of them is bound to dry up soon. True, that doesn’t happen with normal stickers, but maybe this is just the price you have to pay to have your foil stickers made on your terms.