How To Cover Up A Bald Spot On Your Head

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So you have a bald spot. So what? We weren’t all born with luscious heads of hair, there’s no point crying over it. There are so many easy ways to cover up that big shiny bald spot. Think outside the hat!

Spray Paint

Sure, sure, we all remember those terrible infomercials selling the cans of “Bald B Gone” or whatever it was called. The product you sprayed on your bald spot before leaving the house. But that stuff washed away with just one shower. Why not give yourself a permanent cover?

A good spray paint will cover the bald spot and give you great sun protection! Can you say SPF forever? If you can’t find a spray paint to match your natural hair color, check out the varnishes. They come in plenty of “natural” hues!


In recent months, a very famous and maybe-very-rich-but-we’ll-see-when-he-releases-his-tax-returns person has been seen running around with what looks to be a big fuzzy caterpillar (or perhaps a sleeping golden retriever?) on his head. Why not copy his style?

It may not make you the “best” at covering up your bald spot, but it won’t look as “yuge” as it did before. Got a small cat? Set him up there. Got small hands? Oh well, nobody’s perfect!


Why should kids have all the fun! When they get a boo boo, they cover it with a bandage. A bald spot is certainly an “Oops!” so why not slap a Band-Aid on it? And today, there are so many excellent choices: you can get a Wonder Woman Band-Aid, a Snoopy Band-Aid, a Minions Band Aid. (Who wouldn’t want those adorable guys protecting their bald spot from the world?) Might as well show your love for your favorite characters.

Halloween Every Day

When all else fails, make it Halloween every day. Go to your local costume shop and rent a variety of masks (or shop the day after Halloween and buy all their masks at half price). Alternate these masks on a daily basis to keep your look fresh. One day you’re Darth Vader, the next you’re sporting Harley Quinn’s blonde pigtails. You’ll cover your bald spot and make lots of new friends. It’s an easy win-win.