How To Avoid Mother-In-Law Problems

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While the best way to avoid a mother-in-law problem is simply to avoid your mother-in-law, we all know that’s not always an option. When you do have to spend time with her, there are some ways you can go about making the best of a bad situation.

Simply Treat Her Like The Queen

That’s the Queen, not a queen. Always say “Your Majesty” when addressing her and then make sure you follow the rules for conduct in the presence of royalty. This includes bowing your head or curtsying when you first enter the room. Gift giving is always an important part of meeting royalty, especially the Queen, so make sure to have a small token of your appreciation ready. The U.S. president and first lady recently met the Queen of England and bestowed upon her an iPod. No need to go all out and spend that kind of money, so you could just sing your mother-in-law a song. Make up your own or choose one from her favorite artist. Kanye, perhaps? Beyonce? She’ll love it!

Beat Her At Arm Wrestling

If you’re spending time with the in-laws and the tension gets so thick you could cut it with a knife, challenge your mother-in-law to an arm wrestling competition! Winner gets to be right about everything for the rest of the day. Work your upper body a day or two before, so you’re bulked up and ready to go!

Get Matching Tattoos

The next time you are due to see your mother-in-law, schedule a trip to the local tattoo parlor. Get matching tattoos to really cement your relationship. This should help you avoid all future problems. After all, those who get inked together, um, love each other? Or something like that.

Buy Her A Pet

Everyone loves to get a pet as a gift. She probably has nothing better to do all day, so buy her something she needs to take care of. She’ll love you for it! A puppy, a kitten, you know, something that takes up a lot of time and is a huge responsibility. Again, she will love you for this. There’s no better way to show you care than passing a living creature off onto someone else. She will think of you every time the puppy pees on the rug or the cat destroys the curtains. It’s an instant and recurring bonding experience.

Buy Her A Happy Meal

It’s right there in the title. It’s a Happy Meal. The two of you will laugh as you eat your nuggets and play with your toys. No problems here, everybody’s happy.