Household Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Household Uses For Petroleum Jelly

People generally know that petroleum jelly is good for the skin, but there are so many who buy it and never use it. This is a real travesty, because petroleum jelly is such a versatile compound and is full of all sorts of untapped potential. It can do way more than just make your skin so beautiful that you will literally have to tell your coworkers to stop staring at you because you won’t be able to get out that next order of monkey toys if they’re not doing their jobs. There are all sorts of household uses for petroleum jelly that will just absolutely blow your mind.

Protect Your Floor From Paint!

It’s fairly common for people to use petroleum jelly to help them apply makeup without getting it all over the place. You can apply it to the outsides of your nails when you’re doing your nails so that the red nail polish doesn’t get all over your fingers and make you look like a prime murder suspect, for example. Why not go even bigger and apply this principle when painting the walls of your home? Whether you’re painting the walls one colors or painting a mural of a monkey sleeping on a bed of bananas, it’s usually pretty hard to keep the paint on the walls and be 100% sure that none of it gets on the floor. But if you slather petroleum jelly all over the floor, any paint that drips down will be deflected by the jelly. Most people use tape for this purpose, but this is way more fun!

Make An Indoor Slip ‘N Slide!

Everyone needs to have some fun once in a while. And what’s more fun than a Slip ‘N Slide? Of course, it’s not always an option to do this outside. If it’s cold, you’ll just end up sliding around on ice, which while entertaining for that neighbor who hates you, will not be fun for you. The good news is that you can make an indoor Slip ‘N Slide with the help of petroleum jelly. All you need to do is find a smooth and hard surface, such as a hardwood or vinyl floor, and slather it with petroleum jelly. Feel free to toss a few banana peels on there too if you want to make it extra slippery. Then, just go crazy! Dive right into your jelly-covered floor and see how far you slide! Keep in mind that you will likely suffer multiple injuries and it’ll be absolute hell to clean up, but isn’t a few minutes of Slip ‘N Slide fun worth it?

Make Your Hair Super Silky!

Petroleum jelly is known for its ability to make your skin soft. Since your hair grows out of your skin, why would the same logic not apply to your hair? So many people complain about having dry hair even when they use conditioner. But the problem with this is that they have to wash the conditioner out as soon as they put it in. With petroleum jelly, just make sure that you don’t do this. It’s easier this way too, because you don’t have to get into the shower to apply it. Just grab a container of it, open it up, stick your fingers in it, and go to town! Put it all over your hair. so that there is more petroleum jelly on your head than hair.

You should continue to do this on a regular basis to maintain the amazing effects that the process will have. Unfortunately, to the outside world, your hair is just going to look matted and gross all the time because it’s always covered in petroleum jelly, but underneath you’ll have hair that’s silkier than your favorite silk shirt.

Lock Moisture Into Your Food!

Do you ever have the problem of foods ending up dry when you cook or bake them? If petroleum jelly so wonderfully locks in moisture in a person’s skin, doesn’t it make sense that it would do the same for your food? If you simply apply petroleum jelly all over that chicken before you put it in the oven, you won’t have to deal with the problem of dry meat anymore. It’ll be a little more challenging if you are baking a cake because it’ll be hard to apply it to batter that is still wet. In that case, what you can do is wait until the cake has been in the oven for a little bit, as the top will have started to solidify by then.

If you do this, you might have to compromise a little bit on the taste, considering that petroleum jelly isn’t exactly what most people would consider delicious. However, you almost definitely will no longer have the problem of dry food!