Household Uses for Aloe Vera

Household Uses for Aloe Vera

Do you know what aloe vera is? Chances are that you have heard of it, especially if you use lotion on a regular basis. But many people probably don’t actually know what it is. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, aloe vera is actually a plant. It is something green and solid, not a gel or cream that will instantly absorb into your skin. Making your skin so soft that you would be a great landing pad for monkeys that may fall out of rockets is just one of its perks. Now that we have seen aloe vera in this whole new light, we can consider other household uses for this delightful ingredient. Did you know though that you can grow your own aloe vera plant at home? If this is something that interests you then you might also be interested in finding out about houseplant pests (click here for more information).

Put It In a Salad!

Knowing that it is a plant, you now know that it at least remotely looks like a vegetable. So why not try cutting some of it up and tossing those pieces of aloe vera with some carrots, kale, lettuce, whatever veggies float your boat while you pretend you enjoy being healthy. Now you can experience the soothing effects of aloe vera not only all over your exterior but also in your mouth! So after you eat some spicy food, you can just eat one of these aloe vera salads or even just take a big bite out of a piece of aloe vera to calm your angry mouth down.

Big bonus: since you know aloe vera makes your skin healthy and soft, it may actually do the same for your insides. Who among us hasn’t wanted a softer stomach and intestines? That way, when something that wouldn’t have gone down easy goes down, it’ll land like a feather landing on a bed of flowers and you’ll feel just hunky-dory.

Improve the Quality of Your Water!

You know it makes your skin soft, so who knows what else around your home could benefit from this amazing side effect? No one likes hard water in their homes. It leads to soap scum and it makes it so that the water isn’t as capable of cleaning. Why not try softening your water with some aloe vera? Just go ahead and cut some up and stick little pieces of it in your faucets and showerheads.

As anyone who has achieved silky, soft skin through the use of aloe vera knows, aloe vera is a powerful, powerful thing. There is definitely potential for it to soften your water too. Maybe the pieces of aloe vera will absorb all the extra junk in the water, maybe they will just add extra moisture, which will give you extra water without the unwanted minerals. Either way, you can’t go wrong with it. Just try it out.

Train Your Dog!

Dogs are amazing. They truly are man’s (and woman’s) best friend. But unless you have the most well-behaved dog in the world, he’s not going to do everything you want all the time. No matter how many times you tell him to stay off that couch, he’s going to know he can get away with sleeping on it when you’re not there. So then you end up sitting on the couch and ending up with three pounds of dog hair all over your back, which sucks because you have a huge job interview today.

So here’s what you do. Cut up pieces of aloe vera and put them in all of the areas of the house that are NOT off-limits to your pooch. Your dog loves that couch because it’s so soft. Now, the aloe vera will make other areas of the house so soft that he won’t want to go anywhere near the couch.

Soften Your Pillows!

People always want softer pillows, so why not try rubbing some aloe vera on them and seeing what happens? Sure, that first night, your pillows will be wet and it will be really uncomfortable. But the next few nights will more than make up for it, because your pillows will have dried out by then and they will be so soft that you will never want to get out of bed. You may end up losing your job because you are unwilling to get out of bed…but with such soft pillows, why would you even want that job anyway?

And since we already know that aloe vera makes your skin soft, this’ll be extra great – with so much aloe vera on your pillow, some of it will inevitably be transferred to your skin. You’ll have the softest skin anyone’s ever had. Of course no one else is ever going to know because you’re never going to leave your bed again, but as long as you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have the softest skin out there, that’s all that matters, right?