Great Works Of Art, Edited For All

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I thought the French

were supposed to be the more ‘open minded’ country when it came to erotic subject matter.  Alas, it seems one town in France is a bit more conservative when it comes to  the female body and art in general.

Mayor Gerard Corden

of French town Neuville-en-Ferrain, has the decided the busts of The terracotta bust of Marianne (Pic) was much too busty and have demanded that Marianne’s mammaries undergo a sizable reduction.  (Link to story here)  The artist made the statue with large breasts to “Symbolize the generosity of the Republic.”  (So I guess that means Dolly Parton is a very charitable lady?)

Yet, this is not the first time

the town council of Neuville-en-Ferraina have changed a work of art they deemed to be offensive.

  • The Statue of David was ‘updated’ with a nice pair of shorts. (Pic)
  • The Birth of Venus was made more discrete with a very humble style dress.  (Pic)
  • The painting of St Sebastian was much to gory for some.  So he was given some band-aids for his ‘booboos and ouchies.’  (Pic)
  • Adam’s nether region in the great painting The Creation of Adam is appropriately covered with a happy little apple.  (Pic)

In Neuville-en-Ferraina, art is fine.

It should just be family friendly.