Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting

Do's and Don'ts of Sexting

Sexting is a great way to keep the target of your affections interested. Of course, if you’re going to sext, you need to know how to go about it. You don’t want to be like a virgin sexter, all elbows and knees, making a big mess of things. You want to come across as a seasoned sexter, who knows what it’s all about. That’s why you should refer to this handy dandy list of sexting do’s and don’ts before you let your thumbs do the walking.

DO sext really fast

Life is too short to worry about whether or not you have the phone number right. Just quickly, with your eyes squinted, start typing in the number of the recipient and hit enter. Then sext away. That way, you’ll be able to send the maximum number of sexts possible in the minimal amount of time. And… if a sext happens to go astray… don’t worry about it! Look, you’re too sexy to be trapped sexting just one person anyway. Shouldn’t everyone have a chance to get a piece of the action? Might even end up being as hot as some videos from websites such as hd sex video xxx?

DON’T worry about appearances

Sexting is for shedding inhibitions and really letting yourself out there. Don’t sext while you’re thinking that your parents are looking over your shoulder, or thinking you should edit your sexts so they are less… blatant. Don’t worry if you look like a wanton, sex-starved creature willing to do almost anything for a little cellular attention. That’s the fun of sexting! Everybody looks like that!

DO sext to people who are in the middle of serious meetings

One of the greatest things about sexting is you can totally throw the person receiving the sexts. A carefully timed sext to your lover can make them exclaim loudly at a stuffy business meeting, or even get them fired if they actually sext you back while in that same meeting. This is a great way to get someone’s attention really fast, and also to help them change careers. Also, when you sext someone in the middle of a serious meeting, you are actually doing them a big favor. Serious meetings are seriously boring, so your sext could actually save them from being bored to death. Bet you didn’t know that sexting was so important! Sexting should probably become part of the life saving courses they teach at community colleges, come to think of it.

DON’T wear clothes in your sext pictures

Sure, lingerie is sexy and everything, but people can see plenty of that when they look at Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page. They can also find this kind of thing when looking at Babestations Hannah Claydon and, no offence, it may be quite difficult to compare to her in terms of sex appeal. When you sext, you should be an open book. Don’t hold anything back. Show it all. That way, if your lover’s phone gets in the wrong hands, the entire depth of your love will be self-evident, as well as a whole lot more. Besides, sometimes these “accidents” can lead to something bigger, like a modeling contract or something. Clothes simply get in the way of you and your talents. Another benefit to not wearing clothes in your sexting pictures is that you’ll be more likely to get a picture back with no clothes on. In other words, your lover will feel the need to reciprocate in kind. And isn’t that what true love is all about?

How do you sext? What are some of your secrets for successful sexting? Have you ever become famous for sexting? Tell us about it in the comments below!