Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup

Do's and Don'ts of Makeup

If you’re a makeup newbie, you may be feeling lost with all of the options bombarding you on the daily. Between YouTube makeup gurus, Instagram makeup artists, and your elderly neighbor scolding you for not wearing enough rouge, it’s a veritable cosmetics jungle out there. The confusing world of makeup can be tough to tackle- it’s not just mascara and lip gloss anymore, guys. There’s contouring, highlighting, eyebrows on fleek, flawless foundation (such as this Estee lauder foundation) that is supposed to get someone “shook” … like, what? We get it: it’s a labyrinth of quirky gadgets and endless steps to achieve even a minimalist look. That’s why we decided to create this guide of Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup to hold your hand through the barrage of pressure to be the queen of cosmetics.

DO Go To Bed With Makeup On

This one’s easy: to get the most out of the day’s makeup, you’ll want to just keep it on until it all rubs off of your face. When you go to sleep with it on, most of your makeup will simply stay on, leaving you an extra 10 or so minutes the next morning to do whatever you want, like cuddling your Captain Picard cardboard cutout. Over time, your face will become accustomed to makeup being on your face at all times, and adjust accordingly- you’ll have flawless skin and perfectly lined eyes without even blinking an eye.

DON’T Wear Neutral Colors

A monotone face says, “I’m boring and hate fun.” When you wear neutral-colored makeup, it gives off the vibe that you are only interested in painting your face to fit in, not to stand out; what good is a face full of makeup if it isn’t a veritable party for all to witness? A standard cookie-cutter makeup application is a waste of time. Use complimentary colors to dazzle onlookers with your color wheel prowess- blue eyeshadow paired with orange lipstick is a beautiful trend, but to really WOW yourself in the mirror, change it up and try orange eyeshadow with blue lipstick. It’s hot AND cool!

DO Shave Your Brows, Then Draw Them On

If you’re still waxing and filling in your eyebrows to get that perfect arch, you need to stop the insanity. Shaving your brows and drawing them on is easy and will save you a ton of time and effort, especially for you amateur makeup artists. You can learn tips and techniques however to get started, practice makes perfect so keep learning and reading up on articles on makeup, click here if learning how to get fuller and longer lashes is something you are interested in. Or maybe you would just like to stick to the eyebrows for now, one step at a time and you will go from an amateur to a professional in no time. It is SO much cleaner and more natural than trying to artificially shape the caterpillar brows you’ve got going on right now. You can shave your brows just as you would a beard or a monkey: grab a razor and glide against the grain. That smooth canvas is just begging for a new eyebrow shape! Depending on your hair color, create your NEW eyebrow shape on with any of the following implements: a Sharpie, henna, a Spirograph, colored pencil, charcoal, a 3D printer, squid ink, or a rubber stamp.

DON’T Shy Away From Bronzer

The ultimate secret to looking like a goddess is to create a faux sun-kissed tan. When we say sun-kissed, we really mean beaten-about-the-face-with-brown-glitter. If you want to make an impact with your Xlash makeup, you’ve got to be fearless. Now, if the concept of bronzer is scary to you, no worries! A little tip the pros use: start out with dirt. It’s the most natural-looking bronzer because it IS natural. Once you get more comfortable with using Mother Earth’s natural bounty, add in some glitter for the ultimate light-reflective touch of “sun.” Feeling bolder now? Crumble some glass into fine particles or get some confetti to really get the bronzing party started!