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Do Doors Get The Munchies?

(Writer’s Note: the pictures connected with this story were not staged by the writer for the benefit of having this story to write. The writer merely came upon an existing situation, had a series of thoughts that are a little off the beaten track and took a few photos.)

It is well-documented that individuals who partake in the smoking of certain plants develop cravings for food, usually junk food such as potato chips and other similar snacks. Even those not partaking are subject to the same cravings if exposed to the second-hand smoke of those who do partake. A truly serious effect of second-hand smoke!

Seeing the Cheetos bag

stuck in the handle of the door of the unoccupied office building and the door’s close proximity to a local bus stop makes one wonder if this effect does not extend to inanimate objects as well. It is easy to imagine that the door, not being used for so long and depressed over that lack of use became more easily open to the effects of second-hand smoke from blunts being smoked by passersby, perhaps even welcoming the opportunity as a way to escape the lack of purpose in its life(?).

As far-fetched as this may sound, just take a moment and think about it seriously. (Insert pause for contemplation here) So, what do you think? Aha!! Caught you! Just for a moment, you did seriously consider it.

(Update: It has spread to seats on public transit buses!)






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