Cheap Date Ideas For You And Your Boo

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Just because you have no money doesn’t mean you have to deprive your boo of the opportunity to spend time with you on a date. But dinner and a movie can cost an arm and a leg. The dinner costs an arm, and the movie costs a leg, unless it happens to be a Star Wars sequel. (For these, the lightsaber-wielding arm seems to be the preferred means of currency.)

Add in few drinks at a nightclub after the movie and you could be looking at rolling home in a wheelchair instead of rolling around in the sack. Instead of going for broke, check out these fun and cheap date ideas for you and boo.

Breakfast For Two

When you invite your boo to breakfast, you demonstrate an uncommon level of sophistication. First, you get to show off that you’re even awake at that hour of the day, and the fact that you’re actually dressed and ready to appear in public? Well, that just proves what a go-getter you are.

Now, there’s no need to actually pay for this breakfast. See, quality hotels in your area give free breakfast away every single morning! Granted, these free breakfasts are for guests only, but you’re not one to let rules get in the way of your courtship, are you? No, I thought not.

Simply park around back of the hotel, tousle your hair a little so it looks like you just woke up, and enter the hotel through the lobby with your boo. Pretend to be busy chatting so you don’t get caught in an awkward conversation with the front desk staff. Ride the elevator up to a random floor, then ride it back down to wherever the breakfast buffet is being served. Hold a credit card in your hand so it looks like a room key.

You and your beloved can now choose from the wide assortment of cereals, waffles and breakfast beverages in the comfortable surroundings of a beautiful hotel that will probably always be far beyond your budget. Sit down and feast!


One of the challenges of dating while poor is juggling time that you should use looking for work (or actually doing work, if you have a job) with time that you want to spend dating. Get both done in style with this next idea.

Ask your boo to dress up because you’re taking her out on the town. Line up a few job interviews for the afternoon and dress to the nines. Suit and tie — the works. Pick up your date and drive her around town, just as you promised. Tell your date you have some important meetings to attend, and ask her to wait in the car while you stop at various locations for your interviews.

As you leave the interviews, fill your pockets with mints and candy from the reception desks. After your interviews are all over, go to a public park (free!) and walk around with her while holding hands. Offer her sweets and mints from your pockets until you run out. By this time, both of you will be exhausted, and you’ll be off the hook for dinner.

You’re welcome.