Behold! I Give You: The Circus Peanut Post!

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I would like to bring up a very important and socially relevant issue: Circus Peanuts. Now I know some of you are shaking your heads and questioning the logic behind a Circus Peanut being important or relevant in any conversation, but just hear me out. We give Circus Peanuts no consideration in the candy aisle. Many of you don’t even notice the fresh bag of peanuts you are passing buy at Walgreen’s and the crystallized sugar tears the Circus Peanut manufacturers shed due to the lack of patronage given to their pride and joy candy product. I feel it necessary to give you some things to think about the next time you shrug off this delectable confection made from the syrup of the heavens. And since it is the holiday season, think of the joy you will bring to your loved ones with a stocking full of Circus Peanuts!!

Let’s start our thesis with a look at the product’s name- CIRCUS PEANUT. The name alone screams:

!! H A P P Y !!

I mean who is NOT happy at the Circus? (Except maybe the elephants, but they do look pretty contented when they are mowing over their abusers on a terrifying rampage!) And yes, maybe there is a clown or two whose face is PAINTED sad, but I am sure they are ALL smiling on the inside!! I know, I know, SOME kids are frightened of The Worlds Fattest Bearded Woman (with lobster claw hands), especially when she is married to The Worlds Shortest Man (who also is tattooed to look like an alien), but those people are happily in love and isn’t this more of a poor social acceptance issue, rather than a “I hate the circus” point?

Everybody loves the freaking circus!

And speaking of names, for the Circus Peanut to actually be named out of shape alone and NOT ingredient, well, that took a lot of kerbangers I’d say! There is nary a peanut product in a “Circus Peanut” but their trademark shape takes up the slack and fulfils any assumed name requirements.

I have never heard anyone complain about the lack of peanut product in a Circus Peanut and yes, children deathly allergic of peanuts can consume this product freely and feel normal for just a brief moment in time by saying: “I am eating a PEANUT and NOT dieing or puffy!!” (I need a minute here, this is a very emotional thing the Circus Peanut has done!)

What other product can do THAT???

Circus Peanuts also NEVER spoil, they crystallize, so if you are not storing pounds of them in your hurricane/bomb shelter, then you are missing out on the sustenance worthy of kings and queens and can eat beans for all I care, yes, the ones with the fake hot dog slices.

As an added bonus, if you ever wanted to sleep upon a thermapudic mattress but don’t have the financial ability to purchase one, Circus Peanuts make a lovely bedding alternative! They are the same exact consistency as memory foam and release a bonus whiff of sweet, sweet air with every usage. Also, to those of you who have ever had a strange dream and woke up in disgust chewing on your pillow, this would never be a problem with a Circus Peanut Pillow:

The outcome is ALWAYS sweet!!

I know I have given you a lot to think about and process, I would like to thank you for your time.

I sincerely hope that I have opened your eyes to a new world of true confectionery bliss.

And by the way,

The Circus Peanut shape also makes a lovely furniture line!

**Also available: Working “Gumball Machine” side tables!!