9 Fun Things To Do After Getting Married

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Marriage is an exciting time for couples. Whether they’ve been dating 10 years or six months, taking the step of “always and forever” is life-changing. But some believe the adventure stops once they get married, that life becomes mundane and boring.

That’s not the case. After getting married, couples are introduced to a whole new world. You’re really and truly stuck with each other! (For the most part.)

Tell Secrets

Now that you’re married, your spouse can’t be forced to testify against you in court!

Re-Live The First Date, But Reverse The Roles

It’s easy to forget all the stupid things you did wrong on that first date. But your partner remembers and will be happy to act it out for you.

Make A Bucket List

No matter what color or size, every couple should have a list of their favorite buckets.

Go Bungee Jumping

Watching a spouse plunge down to what looks like their impending death might not be everyone’s idea of a fun date. But you aren’t here for the jump. You’re here to watch the tape afterward: If your spouse didn’t scream in terror at the thought of your death, they’re just in it for the money.

Throw A Dinner Party

Couples can use this as an opportunity to merge their friend groups. If you don’t like your spouse’s friends, you can always undercook their food just a tad. They’ll have an explosive evening on the john later, and you won’t need to worry about them coming over for dinner anymore.

Sell The Wedding Decorations

Might as well sell the dress or tuxedo, too. You won’t ever wear those again. Use the money to buy more doomsday supplies for your secret storeroom in the basement. Have you told your spouse about that room yet?

Make A Compliment Jar

Couples can use this as a way to encourage each other daily without too much effort. It’ll only last a week at most, but at least you tried, right?

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting activity where you find a hidden object using GPS coordinates. If you don’t already know, this is a good way to determine who should do all the directional navigating in the marriage.

Stay Home

Cuddle and watch a really sappy movie. At least it’s free.