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7 Amazing Banana Beauty Tips

It’s here. The Banana Beauty Institute just released this year’s guide to the newest banana beauty tips and products. The institute is committed to providing innovative ways to address your beauty needs. Enjoy shopping and showing your support by spending as much money as you can!

1. Foot Issues

Do you have ugly feet from calluses, cracked yellowed toenails, corns or bunions? You will want to try out the new banana socks! Each rubber sock holds two softened bananas. The durable rubber socks will allow the feet to marinate in the banana without leakage. Kit includes 1 pair of washable socks. Do not attempt to wear the banana socks during normal daily activities or sleepwalking.

2. Exhaustion

Are you just old, tired and wrinkled? The banana bath is ideal to rejuvenate your entire body! Fill your bathtub with old, smashed bananas. If you can’t find any old, smashed bananas, fill your bathtub with bananas, wait a week and then stomp on them for a while. (The stomping will help with any foot issues, as noted above.) Then completely submerge yourself for 12-24 hours. Shower and enjoy a more youthful-looking you! Kit includes one barrel of old bananas, one pair of goggles, ear plugs, nose plugs and one breathing straw.

3. Bad Attitude

Do you suffer from a permanent frown or an unhappy outlook on life? The banana smile corrector is just the ticket! Place a small, green banana in your mouth ends up to create a winning smile. Use silicone glue to adhere your top lip to the banana so it will stay in place. Leave it in place overnight. You will find a winning smile that will last all day, no matter how bad your day goes. Kit includes three green bananas and one tube of silicone glue.

4. Baldness

Are you losing your hair? Do you just have bad hair? The banana hair invigorator will renew your social life! Massage three softened bananas into the scalp. Please the cap over the head and pull in all your hair. Remove any excess air with the provided pump. This will suction the cap to your head and infuse banana into your scalp. Leave overnight and rinse. You will add inches of lush hair in days. Kit includes one cap and one pump.

5. Acne, Pimples And More

The banana facial peel is ideal for eliminating unwanted blackheads, blemishes, warts, freckles, and irritating facial hair. Warts in particular are usually stubborn so you might have to pre-treat them using the advice from this online source, but the facial peel is perfect for ensuring a clear complexion afterwards. The banana peel is a convenient dry face mask. Lightly wet the mask and place over your face, molding it to your features. Leave until dry, then slowly peel the mask from the forehead down to remove all unwanted facial problems. The kit includes one full mask and six strips for difficult areas. Dry time will depend on relative humidity levels.

6. Belly Fat

Want to get rid of that huge bulge around your waist? Try the new waist-trimming banana belt made solely from strips of banana peel. The belt will shape your waist the way you want depending on how you cinch up the adjustable straps. Wearing this under your clothing will shape your waist and cause it to shrink, all without a single sit-up!

7. Accessorize

After you’ve used these wonderful beauty tips to restore your natural beauty, complete your look with banana accessories. A new banana necklace and earring set will make you look absolutely bananalicious!

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