5 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Money On Your Boyfriend

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Taking care of your man is fine until it starts to ruin your life and finances. The signs of overspending are important to watch for. Fortunately, there are telltale signs your whooped lifestyle has spiraled out of control. See the signs of misfortune below to gauge your own spending habits.

1. Buying Exotic Pets

If your man has amassed an army of exotic pets that fill an entire room, you may be pampering him too much. While fluorescent scorpions, poisonous frogs, black rattlesnakes and ferrets are cool, your boyfriend probably doesn’t need to have one of each. If you’re constantly buying exotic pets, it’s a red flag you need to cut back on the gifts.

2. You Smell Funny

If you’re neglecting your own personal hygiene to keep your boyfriend spritzed in the latest men’s fragrances and body products, you’ve got a problem. While it’s nice to have your man smelling fresh, you need to make sure you also get a spritz. Otherwise, you may start to lose friends on account of your diminished grooming standards.

3. Group Dates

If your boyfriend asks you to pay for his entourage, when you go out to eat or to the movies, you’ve got troubles. You shouldn’t pick up the tab for group excursions, especially when your man and his crew are able-bodied and capable of taking care of themselves.

4. Mom’s Involved

Your future mother-in-law may be a nice woman, but if she starts to tag along on self-funded dates, trips or movie nights, you gone too far. Your spending habits have entered a whole new realm of dysfunction. It’s time for you to get a hold of yourself and put your boyfriend in check.

5. He’s Looking For A Part-Time Job…

If your man goes from full-time to part-time employment, you may have purchased him one too many pieces of designer clothing. Look for signs of lazy or entitled behavior, when it comes to looking for or holding a full-time job. There is no man alive that doesn’t like a sugar mama or sugar daddy, especially when it means cutting hours at work.

The bottom line is you need to treat yourself with kindness, in addition to taking care of your man. Save a little, buy some grooming products for yourself, and establish a budget for boyfriend spending. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.