4 Fun Things To Do If You Wake Up Invisible On A Saturday

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The last time we woke up invisible on Saturday we had great fun, but it was also catastrophic. So here are some ideas that will help you skip the bad parts and get maximum enjoyment from the fun parts of waking up invisible on a Saturday.

If you have in-the-middle parts that are neither fun nor catastrophic, that’s your bad. No one lucky enough to wake up invisible on a Saturday should be having ho-hum experiences unless you just decide to waste your invisible day doing laundry or something.

1. Don’t Skip Your Morning Shower

Remember, you’re invisible to the eyes, not the nose. You don’t have to go full-on Tammy Faye Bakker with the makeup, for obvious reasons, but you do have to wash off the pong.

2. Play Ghost

Playing ghost while you’re invisible is great fun, especially for the kiddos. Maybe you have neighborhood kids you’d like to scare, or perhaps your sister’s kids could use a good fright. This game can be played at night or in the daytime. We did it at night, and it was a real hoot.

Get yourself a big bottle of baby powder and dust it all over yourself. You’re invisible but the baby powder isn’t, yadda yadda. The effect will be really cool. You’ll look exactly like one of those ghostly apparitions you see on television shows. The best part is, you don’t even have to do much more than stand in a corner. The first person to notice you will start screaming.

You could also walk around in a graveyard, which is extra fun if you can manage to do it while an actual service is being held. Just saunter around among the trees and someone, probably a kid, will yell, “Look! A ghost!” And then the whole group will start screaming their heads off and running.

3. Be A Yard Sale Imp

Lucky for you, every Saturday in the U.S. seems to be National Yard Sale Day. Today is going to be a special day for the yard sales in your neighborhood because they will have a special visitor — you!

Drive your invisible self to a yard sale. Mosey around the pickings and start moving stuff around on the tables. Do it slowly and gently at first, so people think they just imagined it. Then just pick something up really fast and hold it up high. It will look like it’s hovering. While you have everyone’s attention, drop it. (Hopefully you didn’t choose something made of glass, because it would be mean to break glass on someone’s yard.) After that’s done, pick up a small table and just hold it in the air. Wobble it a little for extra spookiness. Then walk across the street and leave the table at the neighbor’s front door. Ring the doorbell. Watch the fun.

4. Visit A Masonic Temple

The Freemasons have been keeping secrets for thousands of years. They’ve made it a point to keep outsiders from learning what exactly they’re up to during secret society meetings. The rituals take place inside Masonic temples, usually at night after the rest of us have gone to bed. This is your chance to get to the bottom of what’s going on. You might even learn the secrets of the universe! If you do, tell us what they are because we gave you the idea to slip into the Masonic temple in the first place.