20 Funny Acronyms (And Their Meanings) That You Should Know

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We all know what it means when somebody tweets “LOL” or “BRB.” Acronyms and initialisms, formed from the first letters of a series of words in a name or statement, have become an quickly evolving shorthand that we can’t live without.

Here are some acronyms that aren’t as widely used, and some that you’re probably using without knowing about their double meanings. Check it out.

WATER: Wonderful And Totally Energizing Refreshment

Wow! I always thought it was just this liquid that makes up 71 percent of the planet! When did the marketing plan come out on this stuff?

BAIC: Boy Am I Confused

It’s all these newfangled combinations of letters I am having a really hard time getting my brain around. I intend on using this one a lot! And I still won’t remember what it means.

VOLVO: Very Odd-Looking Vehicular Object

Try as we might, the Volvo has never been and never shall be a car worthy of worship.  It’s just a strange vehicle.

TWITTER: Things Which I Type That Everyone Reads

I mean, I thought if you put it on Twitter, the entire world could see it.  So, don’t they? No? What a soul-crushing realization! I am so alone!

PEBCAK: Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

It’s such a polite way of pointing out that you can’t blame the computer for everything.

THOR: The Hammer’s Overrated

Isn’t it? Thor himself is just to die for, but let’s face it, his hammer has turned into a kitschy prop with minimal character development associated with it.

SCHOOL: Sucks Children’s Happiness Out Of Life

Ever see a smiling child at the bus stop? No, you haven’t.

SAAB: Sad Attempt At Beauty

Much like the boxier Volvo, the Saab even has a sad-sounding name, doesn’t it?

MATH: Mental Abuse To Humans

Nobody ever asked for trigonometry! Nobody! I mean, sure, some people probably did. But I’m pretty sure no one’s even used it since it was invented.

RTFM: Read The Farking Manual!

It’s what tech repair people would shout at you, except if you actually did it, they’d be out of a job.

FORD: Fix Or Repair Daily

It’s been said of a few pickups sitting on the side of the road waiting for repair.

FLU: Fluids Leaking Unstoppably

If you’ve ever nursed a child through influenza, this is #truth.

FINALS: Frick! I Never Actually Learned Shite!

That sinking feeling while the blue booklets are being passed out, and you wish you could pass out, too.

KISS:  Keep It Simple, Stupid

Wash, rinse, repeat. When you can’t figure out how to complete a complex task, just remember to KISS it goodbye!

BRS: Big Red Switch (Panic Button)

A good thing to know what it looks like when your kitchen has begun to boil over on Thanksgiving weekend.

BRWBB: Big Red Wiffle Ball Bat

Anyone who’s been a Monkey Pickler for a few years has come across this. The BRWBB is a favorite tool for destroying things that aren’t too hard and don’t need much destroying. It’s made out of plastic, after all.

PLOKTA: Press Lots Of Keys To Abort

When your BRS doesn’t work, try your BRWBB. If that doesn’t work, this tactic is guaranteed!

DIET: Do I Eat Today?

Yes, still on a diet. Forever and ever.

CLASS: Come Late And Start Sleeping

It’s not an acronym, it’s an anthem for teenagers everywhere.

Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee Error

Spell it out, we’ll wait. Yes, ID-10-T, or ID10T. Now that your slow brain figured it out, you’ll actually know when you’re being insulted in the future.