10 Reasons To Eat Monkey Pickles

Eating Monkey Pickles

We get email from the outer planets constantly asking what the top ten reasons asking “why?” They can trail off in a variety of directions after that but we’re just focused on the folks asking about us today. You asked for for ’em and now you got ’em. 10 reasons to wrap your lips around a Monkey Pickle. Go head and dig in, our treat.

Numero X: Can you list off ten reasons why not to eat Monkey Pickles? I didn’t think so. Go on, get in there have your self a snack a some a that Monkey Pickle. They’re healthy and nutritious, never go out of style and you can wear them with anything! The best part is they come in nearly every color imaginable and we always have your size. ::humming::: reedle lee deedle lee, snip dap ba dee bop

This excuse, ahem I mean reason is number 9. It was deported for crimes back in its country of origin. No one knows. 😉

ATE Bananas. Some people just think their monkey is better pickled. For their dollar there is no way they’d rather enjoy a flaming hot bag, and I mean the bag’s on fire now…not spicy, Monkey Pickles. The flames really open up your taste buds and allow the flavor crystals to cut their way in there. ::in a terrible Italian accent:: Delicious-a, the recipe is a unmatched-a.

Seven: Tom Cruise is coming over for Christmas dinner. So be sure to set out the fruit bowls and cue up the unicycle riding squirrel ninjas. It is time to party. Also do not forget about the great pickled monkey dish we gave you in number ATE. It’s a group favorite around our place and really sets things off.

The answer is 42. Monkey Pickle is also an excellent promotional agency that can show you how to get your message to the masses with tools like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and other social media channels. To learn more about our services contact us with your campaign ideas and we will put together a nice comprehensive plan that incorporates the best practices available for your business. Put your brand into sticky Monkey hands you can trust.

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5.) This is a red herring.

FORE! Go for a longshot. Enter a contest we hold them regularly here at Monkey Pickle and love to reward people for getting involved. We offer things like photo caption contests and Top 3 article submissions too.

A t-wooo! Blah blah blah, yakkity schmackity. No one ever, clearly reads number 2, do they? It is right before one, the anticipation is way too high. Most people are thinking “why even include it? I just wanna argue with what the producers picked to put in the number one slot anyway…pfff…” Well you’re right let’s get on with it.

And the NUMBER ONE reason: Any time is the right time for a Monkey Pickle!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Top Ten list. We hoped you enjoyed it and thank you for tuning in. Please join us next time when our guests will be a a cat from weird lady’s house and an old stinky leather boot with no laces found at an unfinished construction site. Good night every body!

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