Monkey Pickles Giveaway

Live Me Giveaway Monkey Pickles

Monkey Pickles Is Celebrating 30 Days On With A Giveaway!

Enter to win Monkey Pickles Gear, Gifts, Social Media Shout-Outs, Featured Blog Articles about YOU, Personalized Gear and MORE!

Contest will run from Friday, June 2nd starting at 2 PM CST (MN -6), with drawing being done Saturday, June 10th at 6pm CST (MN -6)


  • You must have a account (if you don’t have one, get one HERE)
  • Join the ?Monkey Pickles? broadcast when we are LIVE
  • Give Virtual GIFTS to be entered for PRIZES!
  • 1 Entry for every 100 coins
  • Gifts of 4999 coins or GREATER automatically receive prizes (promotional items, gear, shout-outs, gifts, and MORE- details below!)
  • Gifts of 299 – 3999 can be given for multiple entries at a rate of 1 entry per 100 coins (example: A Porsche = 1299 coins, you receive 13 entries)
  • Gifts of less than 100 coins each need to be given in a continuous streak stack (Gifts must be all the SAME GIFT ITEM. ONLY the following gifts of less than 100 coins will be counted toward an entry):
    • Wand (x25)
    • High Five (x10)
    • Star (x3)
    • Cheers (x3)

Grand Prize:

An Official Monkey Pickles Hoodie + T-Shirt

Click Links To View!
Monkey Pickles T-Shirt – Men’s
Monkey Pickles T-Shirt – Women’s
Monkey Pickles Hoodie

Boss Up Gifts

Want Gear, Shout-Outs, Social Promotions, and MORE? Walk the Green Carpet with our BOSS UP GIFTS!

  • Give a BOAT OR ABOVE GIFT to skip the giveaway and automatically WIN Monkey Pickles Swag as a VIP (Very Important Pickler):
    • Boat (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt!)
    • Super Car (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt!)
    • Boxing (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt!)
    • Sea World (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt!)
    • Plane (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt PLUS an in-app virtual Porsche!)
    • Castle (official Monkey Pickles Hoodie PLUS an in-app virtual Disco Party PLUS a Social Media Shout-Out that will be seen by thousands!)
    • Super Castle (official Monkey Pickles t-shirt PERSONALIZED with user’s screen name and profile photo + official Monkey Pickles hoodie PERSONALIZED with user’s screen name and profile photo + official Monkey Pickles Mug + Social Media Shout-Out + Q&A Interview and Blog Post for YOUR brand/image + You will be FEATURED in our monthly newsletter!)